In 10 minutes you’ll be able verify 2000-2021 performance and monitor trades forward

We use the same parameters to trade all markets.

Sections in this report

1)_Gold contracts that can be traded automatically in this ATA.  
2) 2000-2021 performance summary
3) Performance and data spreadsheets
4) Trading rules
5) Verifying performance
6) How to monitor trades forward,
Charts Cash Market and August Delivery
Current Position – 16 June 2021 – Short $1855.80
7) Trading these parameters, 15 minute to monthly
8) Trading the same parameters on Indices & currencies.

1) Gold contracts that can be traded

2) Performance trading one, 100 ounce contract, no compounding and withdrawing all profits annually.

January 2000 through May 2021 performance

3) The spreadsheets linked below provide 2000-2021 daily and monthly performance, to review open and enable editing.

Spreadsheet Margin Contract Specifications, Quotes and Data
100 Ounce $9,000 100 Ounce Gold Contract
50 Ounce $4,500 50 Ounce Mini Gold Contract
10 Ounce $900 10 Ounce Micro Gold Contract

4) Linked in column K are monthly charts from 2000-2021, trading parameters preset.  

5) This strategy has only two rules

5.1) If the EMA 9 shown by the red line is above the EMA18 in blue go long

5.2) If the EMA 9 shown by the red line is below EMA 18 in blue trade short

The chart below is linked here and on the spreadsheet in cell K-36.

6) Verifying performance

Using the charts linked in column K apply the trading rules defied in 5 above and you’ll be able to verify all trades in column L,  short positions are represented in red by a -1, long positions by 1 in green.

Daily net profit or loss shows in column M.

Daily net cumulative profit or loss shows in column N.

7) To monitor any EMA forward you can use or daily performance report linked here or set up with Barchart free of charge with performance updated every 15 minutes.

7.01) Instructions to monitor trades using our daily performance update
7.01) Instructions to monitor trades on Barchart with 15 minutes updates

8) The same EMAs will work in any market that moves, linked below is the performance and data spreadsheets trading these same EMAs in indices, metals and currencies.

8.01) 2000-2021 performance for the top 25 EMA allocations
Create you own EMA allocation
How to track any any allocation, performance updated every 15 minutes

Spreadsheets  Containing  Full Disclosure of Methodology, Performance &  Historical Data Contract Specifications, Quotes and Data from the Chicago Mercantile Ex change
SP 500 (SP) CME S&P 500 1.00 = $50.00
SP 500 Micro (SPM) S&P 500  Micro 1.00 = $5.00 
NASDAQ (NAS) NASDAQ 1.00 = $20.00
NASDAQ Micro (NASM) NASDAQ Micro 1.00 = $2.00
Gold 100 Ounces (GC100) Gold 100 ounce 1.00  =$100.00
Gold 50 Ounces (GC100) Gold 50 ounce 1.00 =$50.00
Gold 10 Ounces (GC100) Gold 10 Ounce 1.00 =$10.00
Silver 5000 Ounces (SI5000) Silver 5000 ounce 0.01 =$50.00
Silver 2500 Ounces (SI2500) Silver 2500 ounce 0.01 = $25.00
Silver 1000 Ounces (SI1000) Silver 1000 ounce 0.01 = $10.00
AUD 100k (AUD) AUD/USD 100k  0.01 = $10.00
AUD 10k (AUDM) AUD/USD 10K AUD 1.00 = $1.00 
CAD 100K (CAD) CAD/USD 100k CAD 0.01 = $10.00
CHF 125K (CHF) CHF/USD 125k CHF 0.01 = $12.50
CHF 12.5K (CHFM) CHF/USD 12.5k CHF 1.00 = $1.25 
EUR 125K EMA (EUR) EUR/USD 125k EUR 0.01 = $12.50
EUR 62.5K EMA (EURH) EUR/USD  62.5K EUR 0.01 = $6.25
EUR 12.5K EMA (EUR) EUR/USD 12.5k EUR 0.01 = $1.25 
GBP 62.5K (GBP) GBP/USD 62.5k GBP 0.01 = $6.25
JPY 12.5M (JPY) JPY/USD 12.5M Yen 0.01 = $12.50
JPY 6.25M (JPYH) JPY/USD 62.5M Yen 0.01 = $6.25
JPY 1.25M (JPYM) JPY/USD 1.25 M Yen 0.01  = $1.25 

10) The tricks to being successful trading EMAs,

    • Proper capitalization (to weather the inevitable drawdowns)
    • Only invest true risk capital (to keep the stress level low)
    • Unflinching discipline or set it up as an ATA were all trades are automatic
    • Diversification

Linked here are some of the more popular EMA ATA allocations. 

Linked here are instructions on how to create you’re own EMA ATA allocation.

11) More about Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs)

11.02) What An Automated Trading Account (ATA) Is – How They Work
11.03) ATA Fee Structure
Defining Overall Risk For Your ATA Account
How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading Activity
How To Open An Account

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