Options Educational Videos & Links

1) Option Basics

1.1)   Explaining Call Options (Short and Long)
1.2)   Understanding Covered Calls
1.3)   Explaining Put Options (Short and Long)
1.4)   Get to Know Underlying (Options on Futures)
1.5)   Understanding Option Contract Details
1.6)   What is Exercise Price (Strike)?
1.7)   What is Expiration Date (Expiry)?
1.8)   Understanding Options Expiration (Profit and Loss)
1.9)   Understanding AM/PM Expirations
1.10) Learn About Exercise and Assignment
1.11) The Difference: European vs. American Style Options
1.12) Calculating Options Moneyness & Intrinsic Value

2) Option Strategies

2.1)   Option Collars
2.2)   Working Example of Collaring a Position
2.3)   Option Straddles
2.4)   Option Strangles
2.5)   Option Butterfly
2.6)   Option Ratio Spreads
2.7)   Option Calendar Spreads
2.8)   Option Bull Spread
2.9)   Option Bear Spread

3) Pricing

3.1) Discover Options Volatility
3.2) Introduction to Options Theoretical Pricing
3.3) Put-Call Parity
3.4) Options Delta
3.5) Options Gamma
3.6) Options Theta
3.7) Options Vega
3.8) Options Premium and the Greeks

4) Application

4.1)   Options on Futures and Diversifying Risk
4.2)   Trading Options During Economic Events
4.3)   Trading Options on Stock Index Futures
4.4)   Influence of Pricing on the Option for Equity Traders
4.5)   Options on Futures vs ETFs

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