Instructions for tracking any 9-18 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) allocation


1) Position valuations on the settlement
2) Simplified trend qualification procedure
3) Links to generate and track trades, 2000-2021 performance by market
4) About Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs)
5) Top ATA allocations that trade EMAs
6) Creating your own ATA, EMA allocation
7) Setting up with Barchart to monitor intra-day performance for any allocation

1) Position valuation spreadsheet, settlement 29 November 2021

Our silver short rolled from Dec 21 buy offset $22.02 re-short March 22 at $22.97
All remaining positions were maintained
Profit = net change on the day for that position
Total profit = total open trade equity for that position
Previous days are published on Barchart
 & Seeking Alpha

2) Simplified Trend Qualification Procedure

Open the 2 month barchart 3rd column
When price action is above the EMA9 red and the EMA9 is above EMA18 blue trade long.
When price action is below the EMA9 red and the EMA9 is below EMA18 blue trade short.
When it’s close we use the green EMA 4.5, EMA9 and the opinion (4th column) for confirmation

3) Links to generate trades, contact me and I’ll walk you through this.

January 2000 – October 2021 performance by EMA market traded
Using this spreadsheet  you can create a 2000-2021 allocation for any combination of the markets below
Spreadsheets with all trades, data & charts
Bar Chart
Net Per Contract Maximum Drawdown
Stock Indices
ES SP 500 Mini Contract ES ES O
ES $12,650 $301,585 ($12,882)
ET SP 500 Micro Contract ET ET O
ET $1,265 $22,472 ($2,594)
NM Nasdaq 100 Micro NQ NQ O
NQ $18,700 $394,352 ($20,668)
NQ Nasdaq 100 NM NM O
NQ $1,870 $32,170 ($3,104)
GC Gold 100 Ounces GC GC O
GC $9,900 $364,909 ($27,612)
QO Gold 50 Ounces QO QO O
QO $4,950 $178,067 ($13,962)
GR Gold 10 Ounces GR GR O
GR $990 $35,612 ($3,285)
SI Silver 5000 Ounces SI SI O
SI $5,000 $533,830 ($48,503)
QI Silver 2500 Ounces QI QI O
QI $2,500 $262,839 ($24,291)
SO Silver 1000 Ounces SO SO O
SO $1,000 $100,246 ($9,763)
A6 100,000 AUD A6 A6 O
A6 $1,760 $188,200 ($14,039)
MG 10,000 AUD MG MG O
MG $200 $11,765 ($1,966)
D6 100000 Canadian D6 D6 O
D6 $1,210 $107,749 ($11,077)
S6 125,000 Swiss Franc S6 S6 O
S6 $3,630 $190,414 ($13,333)
WN 12,500 Swiss Franc WN WN O
WN $363 $18,063 ($1,384)
E6 125,000 Euro Dollars E6 E6 O
E6 $2,420 $288,917 ($19,570)
E7 62,500 Euro Dollars E7 E7 O
E7 $1,210 $139,857 ($9,940)
MF 12,500 Euro Dollars MF MF O
MF $242 $20,608 ($2,323)
B6 62500 British Pound B6 B6 O
B6 $2,365 $140,412 ($16,663)
J6 12,500,000 Yen J6 J6 O
J6 $2,255 $255,513 ($8,570)
J7 6,250,000 Yen J7 J7 O
J7 $1,127 $122,979 ($4,383)
WM 1,250,000 Yen WM WM O
WM $363 $16,952 ($1,405)
DX 100,000 Dollar Index DX DX O
DX $2,090 $200,140 ($5,760)
BT 5 Bitcoin BT BT O
BT $76,375 $529,833 ($28,704)
CL Crude 1000 Barrels CL
O CL $5,675
$542,613 ($18,783)
QM Crude 500 Barrels QM
O QM $2,850
$267,348 ($9,528)
CY Crude 100 Barrels CY
O CL $575
$47,136 ($2,124)
Create An Allocation Track Your Allocation Forward A-Studies
About ATAs Defining ATA Account Risk Disclosure

4) About Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs)

5) Allocation studies, contact me for updates

6)  Using this Spreadsheet you can create any allocation of the EMA markets above and instantly review 2000-2021 performance.

    • Enter your start balance in cell H19,
    • Number of contacts traded for each market in cells I19 – I44,
    • 2000-2021 annual performance shows in cells D19-D43,
    • Monthly performance column F, maximum drawdown H-21.
    • See this page for top EMA allocations

7) Setting up with Barchart to track trades intra-day for any allocation

Open this page then click on sign up

Click on get free (it never expires)

Enter your name, email, pick a password, create a free account, (no additional information is required).

login to your Barchart account, under my account click on portfolio

Click on new portfolio

Name the portfolio

Click on create

Add markets traded to your EMA portfolio

Enter the contract code

Enter date, price, quantity of contracts traded, then apply

Once built out your allocation’s performance is updated every 15 minutes.

1)_Today’s total profit or loss
2) Total open trade equity
3) Total profit or loss
4) Current contract price
5) Today’s P&L per market
6) Total P&L per market

To offset any positions click on edit

Enter the offset price, then apply

What you’ll see

1)_Shows net profit or loss
2) Shows the position has been liquidated
3) The offset position’s profit or loss is added to closed P&L.

To organize the portfolio click on edit

Clicking on the arrow or dragging the trade moves the position

When finished hit save

If you have any questions or would like to do an online review contact me.

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