Create Your Own EMA Allocation

1)_Allocation Studies (updated quarterly)

Top 20,000 Mini & Micros, Multiple Contracts  Minimums 18K to 90K
Top 20,000 All 24, Single Contracts  Minimums 10K to 122K
Top 20,000 Currencies, Multiple Contracts  Minimums 10K to 125K
Top 20,000 Metals Multiple Contracts  Minimums 5K to 470K

These spreadsheets show

A) Cumulative net profit
B) Maximum drawdown, (highest daily high to lowest daily low).
C) Current drawdown.
D) Reward risk, descending order, (profit divided by drawdown).
E) Recommended minimum start balance (margin + maximum drawdown).
F) ATA allocation number
G) Methods and markets traded in each allocation

2) To build out any EMA allocation open the

210812 EMA Allocation Spreadsheet

Enable editing

3) Enter your start balance in cell H 19

4) Enter the number of contracts traded for each methodology in cells I19 – I43

5) This spreadsheet will show

A) 2000-2021 performance summary
B) Annual performance
C) Monthly and annual performance.
D) Monthly and annual performance for every method traded.
E) Individual EMA method performance
G) Interactive allocation performance chart
H) Individual performance for all active EMA methods
I) Allocation monthly profit or loss

6) Cells J-19 – J43 link the spreadsheets for each method traded

7) These spreadsheets show

A) Charts and Quotes
B) Annual performance
C) Monthly and annual performance
D) Position long (green) short (Red)
E) Links to chart for position verification
F) Daily profit or loss
G) Cumulative profit or loss
H) 2000-2021 daily high low close
I) 200-2021 program net performance trading 1 contract
J) Chart for market traded
K) Monthly profit or loss

8) Linked here  are instructions for tracking any EMA allocation.

9) Any allocation can be traded automatically for your account, allocations and leverage can modified at anytime.

10) Using any reasonable maintenance balance, below is a short video on risk control and maintenance balances.

Account liquidity in portion or all, 2 to 48 hours in any major currency.

11) Additional information on ATAs

About Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs)
The ATA Fee Structure
Defining Overall Risk for Your ATA
Brokerage Firms
How Funds Are Protected
Open An Account
Futures General Information
Options General Information
Market Analysis Pages
Educational Resources

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