Track your allocation’s performance with 15 minute updates

1)_Open this page this page, click on sign up

2) Click on get free (it never expires)

3) Enter your name, email, pick a password, create a free account, no additional information is required.

4) login to your Barchart account,  under my account click on portfolio

5) Click on new portfolio

6) Name the portfolio

7) Click on create

8) Add a transaction to your EMA portfolio

9) You’ll find the contract code at the beginning of each chart link in column B, if you don’t have an allocation worksheet see this page for one and instructions on how to use it.

10) Enter the contract code

11) Enter date, price, quantity of contracts traded, then apply

12) Once you’ve built out your allocation prices and performance are updated every 15 minutes. 

1)_Today’s profit or loss
2) Open trade equity
3) Total profit or loss
4) Current contract price
5) Today’s P&L per market
6) Total P&L per market

13) To offset any positions click on edit

14) Enter the offset price, then apply

15) What you’ll see

1)_Shows net profit or loss
2) Shows the position has been liquidated
3) Total closed adds the offset profit or loss to closed trades

16) To organize the portfolio click on edit

17) Clicking on the arrow or dragging the trade moves the position

18) When finished hit save

19) Portfolio performance is updated every 15 minutes.

If you have any trouble setting up contact me and I’ll walk you through it.

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