Futures Educational Videos

Futures Educational Videos

1)  Understanding the Role of Speculators
2)  Understanding the Role of Hedgers
3)  The Benefits of Liquidity
4)  Benefits of 24 Hour Access
5)  Price Discovery
6)  Understanding the benefits of the Bid-Offer Spread
7)  About Contract Notional Value
8)  The Power of Leverage
9)  Understanding Futures Margin Requirements
10) The Benefits of Futures Margins
11) About Volume
12) About Open Interest
13) Learn About Contract Specifications
14) Tick Movements: Understanding How They Work
15) Understanding Contract Trading Codes
16) Futures Expiration and Settlement
17) Understanding Futures Expiration & Contract Roll
18) What is Clearing?
19) Introduction Futures Order Types
20) Submitting a Futures Order
21) What happens when you submit an order?
22) Detailed Description of Order Types With Examples
23) Understanding Mark-to-Market
24) Closing Your Position
25) Calculating Futures Contract Profit or Loss
26) Fast Market Action
27) Position and Risk Management for Individual Traders
28) Risk Aversion
29) The 2% Rule
30) Controlling Risk
31) What are Price Limits and Price Banding
32) Futures Contracts Compared to Forwards
33) Market Regulation: Meet the Team

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