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Our objective is to provide our clients with the best research and trading programs though the World’s safest and most capable firms.

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Asset Investment Management (A.I.M.) was formed in 2008 by Peter Knight, a professional trader who’s run a family office in the British Virgin Islands for over 25 years. Every member of Mr. Knight’s team has a minimum of 15 years professional trading experience.

We currently track over 400 markets, 4,500 Hedge Funds, 1,500 Futures Trading Advisors and 200 Automated Trading Programs.

A.I.M. accounts cleared through member firms are backed by the Financial Safeguard System with over 9.1 billion USD in the Base Financial Safeguards Package alone.

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Fundamentally Sound Long Term Trades
Managed Bond/Note/Bill Accounts (only A rated or higher)
Yield Enhancement/Income Strategies
Long Term Precious Metals Management & Hedging
Capital Preservation Strategies
Producer & User Hedging Strategies

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