Setting up a gold collar trade 21:10

1) Review links

1.1) 20 Year chart using monthly data
1.2) 10 Year Chart, monthly Data
1.3) 3 Year chart, weekly data
1.4) 6 month chart, daily data
1.5) 10 day chart 60-minute data
1.6) Today’s using 5-minute data
1.7) Today’s Technical Opinion
1.8) Ranges & Price Performance
1.9) Support & Resistance
1.10) Barchart Quotes, All Deliveries
1.11) Barchart Options Quotes
1.12) CME Futures Quotes, All Deliveries
1.13) CME Option Quotes

1.14) Contract Specifications each 1.00 = $100.00
1.15) Exchange Margin Requirement
1.16) Metals Analysis Page

1.17) Gold-Collar-Spreadsheet
1.18) Track 72 EMA contract markets

2) Educational

2.1) Basics of the Futures Markets
2.2) Basics of Futures Options
2.3) Gold Futures Video
2.4) Gold Educational Videos and Links
2.5) Introduction to Order Types
2.6) Detailed Description of Order Types With Examples
2.7) Understanding Futures Margin Requirements
2.8) Understanding Moving Averages
2.9) Understanding Support and Resistance
2.10) About Bollinger Bands & How to Set Them
2.11) Defining Trend, Trade Duration & Number of Contracts Traded
2.12) Explaining Call Options (Short and Long)
2.13) Explaining Put Options (Short and Long)
2.14) Option Collars

3) Program Structure and Account Opening Procedure

3.1) (ATA’s), What They Are and How They Work
3.2) The Fee Structure For This Program
3.3) Defining Overall Risk For Your Account
3.4) How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
How To Open An Account

4) Primary Metals Exchanges

4.1) Chicago Mercantile Exchange/Comex
4.2) Additional Gold trading Information From the CME
4.3) London Metal Exchange

5) The demise of the dollar and monetization of 30+ trillion in U.S. Federal debt

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