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Because of the abuses with paid testimony, endorsements and pay for positive rankings the SEC and other regulators are justifiably cracking down this type of activity see Marketing Rule Becomes Mandatory November 4th 2022  essentially anyone who works with a regulated entity is no longer allowed to provide endorsements, testimonials or rankings unless approved.

Trustpilot is one example of a pay for good review site, if you sign up for their “marketing services”  the majority of all your reviews will be positive, most of the bad reviews are eliminated, If you do not sign up for  their “marketing services”  bad reviews show with good reviews and positive comments “filtered out”

Their business model is holding legitimate companies hostage until the company pays for their “marketing services”  to get positive reviews, its a whole new level of internet sleaze.

Trustpilot’s stock losing 83.13% of it’s value should give you a pretty good idea of the creditability of the company and it’s content.

These Youtube videos explain how it works

This company sells fake review for Trustpilot and other “ranking services”  average cost $0.18 per verified 4 to 5 star review.

These 10 companies sell Verified & Cheap Trustpilot reviews and guarantee you a 5 star rating, average cost per review $0.12

Trust Radius   Trustpilot enables scammers & fake reviews: don’t let them hold your reputation hostage

Trust Radius Consistently removing legitimate positive reviews

Better Business Bureau Trustpilot, Inc. This company is a complete scam, as the scores of other bad reviews and complaints clearly reveal.

Sitejabber Trustpilot has a rating of 1.32 out of 5 stars from 949 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied  rating:.

Trustpilot – Wikipedia  There are independent investigations that suggest that review websites such as Trustpilot may have fake reviews. here is controversy about the legitimacy of some of Trustpilot’s and other consumer review websites’ reviews and the way that it deals with complaints about them, although Trustpilot claims that it strives to only include genuine reviews Trustpilot allows businesses to pay them to access its marketing services and use Trustpilot technology to filter reviews—normally selecting only favorable posts—that customers place on their own Web site or other places. This may violate certain laws or regulations. Trustpilot published fake reviews for Bizzyloans; it deleted them after they were brought to light by KwikChex, an online investigations company. Fake reviewers often steal the identities of real people to falsely build up reviewed companies’ reputations. Trustpilot denies that it permits any known fraudulent reviews on its site.

The site offers premium services to businesses. It has been criticized for the publication of fake reviews, and allowing companies to remove negative reviews.

Can Trustpilot be ‘trusted?
As a rule of thumb, if a business is pointing to Trust Pilot reviews to try and convince you they are a legitimate operation, it is almost certainly a scam.
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Jan 13, 2022 — Overall trustpilot is not trustworthy at all. They flag your positive and negative reviews for no reason, based in whether the company pays for .
Because Google has paid interest in Trustpilot Google continually removes  derogatory posts on Trust Pilot from their searches.

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