How to complete the Advisory & Risk Control Agreement

Please complete

  • Page 7 Risk Control Agreement
  • Page 8, Acknowledgment  2 Signatures
  • Page 9, Non-US Acknowledgment
  • Return Completed Forms to
  • We’ll sign off and forward copies to you and the Brokerage Firm(s)

1)Defining overall risk for your Automated Trading Account (ATA)
(5 minutes 4 seconds)

  • Allows you to set a stop loss for your account based on the liquidation value of the account ( maintenance balance)
  • Should the account fall below the maintenance balance as of the settlement of any trading day our team will automatically liquidate all positions on or before the next close and report back to you.
  • If we fail to liquidate on or before the next settlement we are liable for any losses from that settlement forward
  • Trading Authorization is automatically revoked
  • Any new new positions from would be deemed unauthorized and transferred to the Asset Investment Management (AIM) error account immediately.

2) How Asset Investment Management incentive fees work (3 minutes 45 seconds)

  • AIM Advisory & Risk Control Agreement
  • 0.00% Front load
  • 0.00% Management fee
  • 12.50% Of net new high profits quarterly
  • Net new highs are calculated after all brokerage, exchange and reg. fees

If you have any questions send a message or contact me.

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