Defining Risk For Your Automated Trading Account (ATA)

When opening an ATA account you are requested to establish a maintenance balance for the account on  page 11 of the Advisory Agreement .


Start balance  $25,000
Maintenance balance $12,500

The maintenance balance establishes a stop loss on the $25,000 ATA account at $12,500. Should your ATA account balance fall below $12,500  (as of the settlement on any trading day) we will automatically liquidate all positions on or before the next close and report back to you.

If we fail to liquidate on or before the next close we are liable for any and all losses moving forward.

Maintenance balances can be modified at any time for example,  if your account appreciates in value from $25,000 to $52,000 you can move your maintenance balance up from $12,500 to $40,000 to protect gains.

Fees for Automated Trading Accounts (ATA’s)

0.00%  Front load
0.00%  Management fee
12.50% Of net new high profits quarterly
Accounts can be funded and maintained in any major currency
Liquidity in portion or all 2-48 hours

Open an account

If you have any questions  contact us or schedule an online review

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