Suspended & Closed Programs

12th April 2019: EUR-CHF-USD
Life of program maximum drawdown = -$7,813.80
Previous worst case drawdown -$5,737.90
Maximum risk prior to program suspension & liquidation = -$7,500.00
Lifetime Performance Summary from July 2009 though closure 12 April 2019

December 2018: Trading US Interest rates only higher.
Overall these long term trades we’re very good to us from November 2015, in at 0.05% through December 2018 liquidation 2.5%.

With the change in Fed policy (see Press Conferences ) the fundamentals I wrote about in the FT, Economist, Seeking Alpha and onsite are no longer applicable. Currently we face potential rate cuts, trading rates only higher no longer has an acceptable return on risk and has been closed.

October 2018: Long only Stock and ETF programs (long-term trades greater than 2 months) have been pulled from the recommended lineup. These trades have performed well since 2010 however current  risk far outweighs reward.

2017: None

December 2016: JPY momentum range after weak performance in 2014 and 2015 the 2016 recovery gave us an opportunity to liquidate this program while we were profitable for more information, please see my comments on the JPY momentum range page.

2015: None

2014: None

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