Japanese Yen (JPY) Performance Jan 2007-Dec 2016

December 2016: this program is no longer open for new investment, performance in 2014 & 2015 was lackluster, 2016 barley acceptable relative to overall potential risk.

After 2014, 2015 and losing months in November and December return on risk for this program is no longer acceptable, I’ll be winding down positions for my account this week, if you’d like to continue with the program please contact me and I’ll have you set up directly in Chicago.

My thoughts: The 2016 recovery gave us an opportunity to liquidate while we were profitable. With Trump winning the election in November I am positive he will escalate tensions between the US and it’s trading partners. This could very well create market conditions that would produce returns like 2014 and 2015 for this program and style of trading. I’ll continue to trade the other momentum range programs but they’re closed to new investment and off the roster until we see how 2017 forward shapes up, please contact me for updates.

Start Balance $25,000
Cumulative Net Profit $216,291.50
Largest Drawdown ($7,474.36)
Best Year 2008   +200.62% $50,155.66
Worst Year 2007  +13.92% $3,479.25
2007-2016 Average   +87.32% $21,810.90
30 November 2016   +67.81% $16,772.81


This Yen program trades 2 trend following and 2 range trade strategies. Cumulative net gain is calculated trading 6,250,000 JPY  per strategy, no compounding of positions and withdrawing all net profits annually. Greatest net drawdown is calculated from highest high to lowest low marked to the market daily prior to recovery and a new high.

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