ATAs, How They Work

1) Automated Trading Accounts (ATA’s) what they are and how they work

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2.1) As our ATA Client you maintain control of

  • The market(s) you trade and when
  • The methodologies you trade
  • The level of leverage that suits your risk tolerance
  • The overall risk for your account

2.2) ATA Team responsibilities include

  • Calculating entries, risk levels and profit objectives
  • Placing all orders and diligently overseeing executions, positions and balance
  • Monitoring total account risk to ensure it is within your defined guidelines
  • Ensuring everything is done correctly and assuming liability if it’s not
  • Answering all your questions on markets and methodologies

2.3) About this ATA

  • This ATA uses fully disclosed trading methodology
  • Trades with the trend long or short
  • Uses option collars that define risk on every trade and duration of every trading period
  • Trades in this ATA cannot be stopped out regardless of market volatility
  • The only way a position can be called away is at a profit
  • If the market stays the same this ATA hasn’t wasted precious investment capital on purchasing option time premium as it’s collecting approximately as much time premium on the covered writes at the profit objectives, as it’s paying out on the purchased options that define maximum trade risk
  • Option collars can be offset at any time locking in gains and/or modified to capture more of the move or, reversed to capture a trend reversal.
  • Mark-to-market positions and balance are available online at any time
  • Statements are emailed daily disclosing positions, liquidating value and any trading activity
  • Monthly statements summarize all activity and end of month balance
  • Liquidity for ATA accounts in portion or all is 2 to 48 hours in any major currency
  • AIM ATA’s afford you the opportunity to modify markets, units you trade and your overall account risk level at any time
  • Currency Quotes and essentials for trading
  • Additional Currency guides, reports and videos
  • Other markets we trade ATA’s on in North America and Europe
  • Contact us with your questions
  • Schedule an online review

3) Structure and Account Opening Procedure

3.1) ATAs, What They Are and How They Work
3.2) ATA Fee Structure
3.3) Defining Overall Risk For Your Account
3.4) How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
How To Open An Account

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