Automated Trading Accounts (ATA’s)

1) Automated Trading Accounts (ATA’s) what they are and how they work  

ATA Performance Homepage

2) As our ATA Client you maintain control of

  • The market(s) you trade and when
  • The methodologies you trade
  • The level of leverage that suits your risk tolerance
  • The overall risk for your account

3) ATA Team responsibilities include

  • Calculating entries, risk levels and profit objectives
  • Placing all orders and diligently overseeing executions, positions and balance
  • Monitoring total account risk to ensure it is within your defined guidelines
  • Ensuring everything is done correctly and assuming liability if it’s not
  • Answering all your questions on markets and methodologies

4) About this ATA

  • All ATAs use fully disclosed trading methodology
  • All trades with the trend long or short
  • Mark-to-market positions and balance are available at any time
  • Statements disclose positions, liquidating value and any trading activity
  • Monthly statements summarize all activity and end of month balance
  • Liquidity for ATA accounts in portion or all is 2 to 48 hours
  • AIM ATA’s afford you the opportunity to modify markets, units you trade and your overall account risk level at any time
  • Contact us with your questions
  • Schedule an online review

5) Structure and Account Opening Procedure

If you have questions send a message  or contact me

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