TradeView Opening Instructions

TradeView’s global desk enables trading on these exchanges. The TradeView team is headed by Tim Furey, (X CBOT floor trader) and Mike Lombardo (ran a prop desk for 20 years) they’ve  provided us with superior service, order execution and have a knowledgeable polite back office that gets the job done.

1) To open an account from North America, Europe & Asia

Platform Futures
Individual Account

Joint Account
Clients older than 64 additional disclosure
Corporate Account
Limited Power Attorney

To open an account from Spain, Portugal & South America

Platform Rhino
Tradeview SAC
Joint Account
Clients older than 64 additional disclosure
Corporate Account

2) Limited Power of Attorney

Hereby Authorize: Peter Knight/Asset Investment Management
Incentive Fees = 7.50% to 12.50% of net new high profits quarterly
Yes, to Incentive/Commission payout
Commission Schedule: Yes
Your Email

Customer Name and Title
Authorized Client Signature

3) ID and proof address

Color scan of a Passport or other Government issued Identification (Passport, Government ID or Driver License)  

Proof of Address (This can be a utility bill or bank statement. (It has to be issued within 3 months)

3) AIM Advisory & Risk Control Agreement pages that need to be completed, Please email scanned pages to we sign off and forward copies to you and Tradeview

Advisory Agreement, page 5, signature & date
Fee Payment Agreement, page 6, signature & date
Defining Overall Account Risk, page 7, initial & maintenance balance, broker, base currency, programs, signature & date
Risk Disclosure, page 8, signature & date
Q.E.P. Acknowledgement for non-U.S. citizens and entities, page 9, signature & date      

4) Account Funding Instructions

5) TransferMate

Easy account setup
Instant & guaranteed transfers
1 pip currency conversions
Owned by ING GroupAIB.
Enables immediate withdrawals and credit to your bank.

6) Liquidity in portion or all, 2 to 48 hours in any major currency

7) Regulation: CIMA, Tradeview Ltd., License 585163, the CIMA regulates

The World’s largest domicile for hedge funds
The World’s second largest domicile for captive insurance companies
The World’s 7th largest banking center assets in excess of $1.14 trillion
Over 10,600 mutual and other funds, assets in excess of $3.575 trillion
Trust companies which manage thousands of smaller trusts.

8) How Tradeview balances are guaranteed plus or minus trade activity

Omnibus Accounts are guaranteed by The Financial Safeguard System.
All customer accounts are Segregated and independently audited.
Independent Auditors: Mainstream Group (MG oversees 100+Billion USD).

9) Account Trading Capabilities

One opening process enables you to trade Futures, Forex, Stocks, ETFs & CFDs

Exchanges Exchange location
BATS Options USA
BME (Madrid Stock Exchange) Spain
BOX (Boston Options Exchange) USA
CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) USA
CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) USA
CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) USA
CSE (OMX Copenhagen) Denmark
EURONEXT Amsterdam The Netherlands
EURONEXT Brussels Belgium
EURONEXT Lisbon Portugal
EURONEXT Paris France
FSE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Germany
HKEx (Hong Kong Exchanges) Hong Kong
HSE (OMX Helsinki) Finland
ISE (International Securities Exchange) USA
LSE (London Stock Exchange) UK
MEX (Mexican Stock Exchange) Mexico
MIL (Milan Stock Exchange) Italy
MOEX (Moscow Exchange) Russia
NASDAQ Options Market USA
NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) USA
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) USA
OSE (Oslo Stock Exchange) Norway
PHLX (Philadelphia Stock Exchange) USA
SET (Stock Exchanges of Thailand) Thailand
SIX (Swiss Exchange) Switzerland
SSE (OMX Stockholm) Sweden
TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) Japan
TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange) Canada
TSX (Toronto Venture Exchange) Canada
UE (Ukrainian Exchange) Ukraine
VIE (Vienna Stock Exchange) Austria

10) Institutional Services

MetaTrader 4 Bridge
Omnibus Partnership
FIX API, Financial Information Exchange
Clearing and liquidity
Clearing Terms Agreement

If you have any questions or need assistance send a message or contact me

Peter Knight



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