Performance Summary  January 2007 – July 2021

Due to poor performance collar trades have been suspended, outright positions will be maintained pending client instructions for liquidation or reallocation, please contact us with instructions as soon as possible.

Recommended Starting Balance $35,000.00
Cumulative Net Profit
Maximum Drawdown (41.85%)
Best Year 2008 +220.98% $77,342.39
Worst Year 2007 +7.29% $2,552.59
2007-2020 Average +81.31% $28,456.88
2021   (41.85%)

Performance is based on trading one $35,000 unit, never adding units and withdrawing all net profits annually. The program has a realistic risk factor of $20,000 USD per unit, if you are not in a position to comfortably assume this risk you should not participate in the program.

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Program Structure and Account Opening Procedure

 Automated Trading Accounts (ATA)
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How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
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