Euro Pacific Bank

Euro Pacific has done an exceptional job for our clients.

1) Their capabilities include

1.1)   Exchanges Traded

1.3)   Futures Options
1.4)   Equities
1.5)   Equity Options
1.6)   ETF’s & ETC’s
1.7)   CFD’s
1.8)   Mutual Funds
1.9)   Forex
1.10) Forex Options
1.11) Bonds
1.12) Precious Metals For Delivery
1.13) Precious Metal Storage
1.14) Bank Accounts
1.15) Bank Cards
1.16) Key partners

2) To Open

2.1) New Account Application
2.2) Advisory & Risk Control Agreement

3) Pre-Approval Process

  • Submit a new account application form. This will start an e-mail Support Ticket used to facilitate e-mail communication for the application. Please use your own email address in field “Contact Email” if you would like to manage correspondence for the application.
  • Reply to the e-mail Support Ticket ( with attached copy of the client’s passport and any supporting business information (business plan, invoices, contracts etc. if available).
  • Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will review the submitted application form and supporting documentation (if provided). Once the application is pre-approved you will be informed to continue on to STEP 2.
  • Kindly note that a short introductory call with the client is standard. Please inform your dedicated Onboarding Specialist if you would prefer to assist with the scheduling of this call.

4) Document Collection Process

  • Complete the Online Account Profile – click link to complete the form online
  • Gather full Required Documentation (KYC). Missing documents will delay the account opening process.
  • Reply to the Support Ticket ( and attach the full KYC document packet.
  • Completed KYC documents are sent to Compliance for final review and activation.

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