Key Partners
As a diverse financial institution the Bank has strategic relationships with a variety of institutional counterparts. Some of these relationships have been in place for over a decade, enabling the wide range of banking and financial services that are provided. The Bank is constantly seeking to partner with premier institutions around the world to further the existing product and service offering as well as to expand upon the Bank’s transparency and accountability.



As one of the “Big Four” audit firms globally, KPMG provides the Bank with the same level of accountability required of all major financial institutions worldwide.

Compliance Screening & SWIFT Service Bureau


With over 22 of the top 50 global banks as clients, Eastnets provides the Bank with premier sanctions screening tools that are on-par with the largest financial institutions in the world.

FATCA Compliance


Since 1992 GlobeTax has been working with some of the largest FIs globally to provide tax services and solutions. The Bank’s FATCA compliance program is supported by GlobeTax.

Core Technology


In 2015 the Bank partnered with Temenos to implement their flagship core banking solution, T24, along with their premier AML Profiling software, Temenos Profile. The solution is a model for next generation cloud infrastructure.

Perth Mint

recious Metals Storage



Precious metals at this 100+ year old mint is explicitly guaranteed by the Western Australian government. It is the only metals storage program in the world with a government guarantee, complimenting both the Bank’s conservative banking policies as well as its clientele.

Saxo Bank

Multi-Asset Trading Platform


The Danish brokerage firm pioneered white labeling for banks and brokers in the early 2000s, and as one of their oldest white label partners of 10+ years, we’re proud to offer Saxo Bank’s cutting edge brokerage technology to our clients.

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