Trading short term rates higher –

1) Maximum risk on this trade = -$3,467 through 31 March 2016
2) Net profit at our objective = +35,283
3) Minimum deposit per position 5K or major currency equivalent

Trading rates higher requires a short position
To convert price into rate it represents take 100.00 contract price = rate
Each 0.01 change in contract price = $41.67
What the Fed funds rate is and how it’s set

Click here to enlarge the rate, contract price, contract valuation chart below


To experiment with any potential outcome for this trade

4) Click here and open the March 2016 risk reward spreadsheet (hedged)
5) Click here for March 2016 (ZQH16) quotes
6) Enter any contract price in cell B-2
7) The rate the contract price represents shows in C-2
8) Net profit/loss E-2
9) Position liquidation value F-2

10) Maximum loss if the Fed funds rate goes to zero and stays there = -$3,467


11) Net gain at our profit objective = +35,283


Support links

12) Click here for videos of where the Federal Reserve sees rates and when.
13) Click here and here for 400+ reports on where the market/media expect rates and when.
14) Cick here for the Federal Reserve’s meeting schedule & corresponding closing statements.

State of affairs

15) U.S. economy by the numbers
16) China’s economy by the numbers & World currency status
17) Where the Fed sees rates, when and what the move is worth
18) Bernanke’s calls prior to the “great recession”

Additional reports are available for any major market on the following exchanges.

19) US CME
20) Eurex
21) Euronext
22) Osaka 2


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