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1) Gold option write/hedge 2007-2022
2) Top EMA ATA allocations trading the daily on the majors 2000-2022
3) Top EMA ATA allocations trading the hourly on the majors 2016 through March 2022
4) Track 1 performance trading daily EMAs on the majors
5) Track 2 includes mini & micro
6) Previous days published on Barchart
7) Creating your own allocation using daily EMAs on the majors
8) Hybrid Allocations through March 2022
9) Update and exit strategy trading rates higher
10) About Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs) 
11) Defining overall account risk 
12) Our Fee Structure
13) Exchanges Traded
14) Firms
15) How funds are guaranteed plus or minus trading activity
16) Open an account
17) Tradeview
18) Dorman
19) Economic calendar & data
20) Fed created money for bailouts
21) Debt by country
22) Reported inflation
23) Actual inflation
24) End of the 10% bank reserve requirement
25) Reported money supply M1
26) Actual money supply M1
27) Perception versus reality
28) The demise of the dollar and monetization of 30+ trillion in U.S. Federal debt
29) Educational resources
30) CME learning center
31) Media room 

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