EMA Disclosure Draft

Qualified Eligible Participant

Redo everything make uniform and professional

I’m going to teach this objective trading program by showing you how to verify it’s performance.

Go to the ATA performance page linked here

Click on the first allocation 7091671 ,

The allocation’s webpage as a spreadsheet linked to the chart on top,
Click on EMA 7091671 Spreadsheet

Download the spreadsheet

Enable editing

The spreadsheets for individual method traded are linked in cells J24-J45.

Click on the first one S&P 500 (SP) linked in cell J24, download it, and enable editing,

Column, M, date and links to supporting charts
L, shows that day’s position, long in green, short  in red
N, daily profit or loss
O, cumulative profit or loss

All EMA methods use the same set of Exponential Moving averages, they’re preset in every chart linked monthly from 2000 through 2021.

Open the first chart 1/3/2000 linked in cell M36

The exponential moving averages we’re using are 9 in red, 4.5 green, and 18 blue

Trading with the right EMAs is about as simple as it gets

The green (EMA 4.5) will show you when the market is turning

When  red (EMA9) goes above blue (EMA18) establish a long position
If red (EMA9) moves below blue (EMA 18) reverse to short



















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