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Founded by Bernard Dorman in 1956, currently run by Daniel Dorman, excellent old school firm, deep roots, deep pockets equipped with the latest tools and platforms for professional trader

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Member Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
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Dorman Trading LLC
141 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60604

We work with the Swiss Office
Jakob Schneider

Geissbergstrasse, Schaffhausen
Switzerland 8200

What Dorman requires to open an account

Account opening link  You’ll need to provide a scanned copy of a Government ID (passport or drivers license) and proof of address (Bank statement or utility bill)

Letter of direction A letter of direction limits trading to a specific program, using a specific trading methodology, in specific markets.

Color scan of a Passport or other Government issued Identification (Passport, Government ID or Driver License)

Proof of Address (utility bill or bank statement issued within 3 months)

For Corporations and Trusts

Full name of the Corporation or Trust
Nature, purpose and objects of the Trust (e.g., discretionary, testamentary, bare)
Country of establishment
Names of all officers or trustees
Names of any beneficial owners
Name and address of any protector or controller.
Color scan of a Passport or other Government issued Identification officers or trustees
Proof of Address (utility bill or bank statement. issued within 3 months)

 After the account is approved and funded we’ll need

220630 AIM Advisory & Risk Control Agreement  pages that need to be completed
3) Advisory Agreement, page 5, signature & date
4) Broker, currency, initial and maintenance balance, allocation, date and sign
5) Risk disclosure date and sign

6) Fee agreement, start balance date and sign
7) QEP acknowledgement

Please send scanned copies to we need to sign off send them to the clearing form and return copies to you.

If you have any questions contact me.

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