NASDAQ 100 Stocks

1) What’s Moving

Top gainers (longs) Largest losers (shorts)
1 month 1 month
3 Month 3 Month
Year to Date Year to Date
52 Weeks 52 Weeks

2) Buy, Sell Hold Summary

2.1) Long positions
2.2) Short positions

3) Message me and I’ll send you the analysis page for any stocks in the NASDAQ 100.

4) Or you could trade the whole NASDAQ 100 Index  long or short with a margin requirement of 5% of your position value versus 50% with no interest on the margined  amount. For more information see the  Stock Index Futures educational page or contact me and I’ll walk you through any of them.

3) US and Non US Index Analysis

Analysis Pages EMA 9 Chart Trend
S&P 500 Chart Opinion
NASDAQ Chart Opinion
Dow Chart Opinion
Russell 2000 Chart Opinion
Euro Stoxx 50 Chart Opinion
Euro Stoxx E600 Chart Opinion
DAX Index Chart Opinion
CAC 40 Chart Opinion
Swiss Market Index Chart Opinion
Hang Seng Index Chart Opinion
Nikkei Chart Opinion
ASX 200 Index Chart Opinion
FTSE 100 Chart Opinion
Index News Past Hour Index News Past 24 Index News Past Week

5) Program Structure and Account Opening Procedure

5.1) The Fee Structure For This Program
5.2) Defining Overall Risk For Your Account

5.3) Exchanges Traded
5.4) Brokerage Firms
5.5) How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
5.6) How To Open An Account

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