TNA Smallcap Bull 3X Direxion

1) Trend Qualification Procedure (simplified)

1.1) Chart to initially qualify the trend using an EMA9 (red line), if price action is above the (EMA9) you’re in an up-trend, below the (EMA9) a down-trend.

1.2) Confirm the EMA9 (red line) defined trend is above the EMA18 (blue line) for an up trend and the EMA9 is below the EMA18 for down trends.

1.3) Confirm the EMA9 defined trend using these indicators. If the chart in 1.1 or the trend confirmation in 1.3 do not agree stand aside.

1.4) Support & Resistance for setting profit objectives and risk levels, contact me for more information on how we use these.

2) Review Links

2.1)   2 day chart, 15 minute data
2.2)   3 day chart, 30 minute
2.3)   5 day chart, 60 minute data
2.4)   10 day chart, 120 minute
2.5)   3 month chart, daily
2.6)   9 month chart, daily
2.7)   1 year chart, weekly
2.8)   3 year chart, weekly
2.9)   7 year chart, monthly
2.10) 15 year chart, monthly
2.11) 1983 – current chart
2.12) Today’s technical opinion
2.13) Ranges & price performance
2.14) Support & resistance
2.15) Quotes
2.16) Options quotes

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