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1) Simplified Trend Qualification Procedure,

1.1) Pick a time frame to work with 30 Minute, Hourly, or 2 Hour.
1.2) If price action above the red line and red line is above the blue = long.
1.3) For longs, overall average on 2.1 below must greater than a 29% buy.
1.4) Risk on longs, if the red line moves below the blue exit the trade.
1.5) If price action is below the red line and the red is below the blue = short.
1.6) For shorts, overall average on 2.1 below must greater than a 29% sell.
1.7) Risk on shorts, if the red line moves above the blue exit the trade.
1.8) Same rules apply for all time periods 30 minute to monthly.
Prices are updated every 10 minutes if you have questions send a message.

Chart We’re using monthly price bars on the chart below for long-term trades, this same procedure will work using any time frame from 15 minutes bars to monthly bars, it depends on whether your objective is trading intra-day, short, medium, or long-term, ATAs can be set up to trade all time periods or any combination of time periods.

2) MSFT Microsoft Corp

2.1) Today’s Technical Opinion
2.2) 2 day chart, 15 minute data
2.3) 3 day chart, 30 minute
2.4) 5 day chart, 60 minute data
2.5) 10 day chart 120 minute
2.6) 3 month chart, daily
2.7) 9 month chart, daily
2.8) 1 year chart, weekly
2.9) 3 year chart, weekly
2.10) 7 year Chart, monthly
2.11) 15 year chart monthly data
2.12) 1983- Current Chart
2.13) Options Quotes
Ranges & Price Performance

2.15) Support & Resistance

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