Main FX Analysis



Trend Qualification Procedure

1.1) Chart to initially qualify the trend using an EMA9, if price action is above the red line (EMA9) you’re in an up-trend, below the red line (EMA9) a down-trend.

1.2) Confirm the EMA9 defined trend using these indicators. If the chart in 1.1 and the trend confirmation in 1.2 do not agree stand aside.

1.3) Support & Resistance for setting profit objectives and risk levels, contact me for more information on how we use these.

1.4) Trading methodology video (using the Euro-FX as the example)
1.5) Premium neutral collars to objectively define risk on every trade


1.6) 15 year chart using monthly data
1.7) 7 year chart, monthly Data
1.8) 3 year chart, weekly data
1.9) 1 year chart, weekly data
1.10) 9 month chart, daily data
1.11) 3 month chart, daily data
1.12) 5 day chart 60 minute data
1.13) 1 day chart, 10 minute data
1.14) Today’s Technical Opinion
1.15) Ranges & Price Performance
1.16) Support & Resistance
1.17) Barchart Quotes, All Deliveries
1.18) Barchart Options Quotes
1.19) CME Futures Quotes, All Deliveries
1.20) CME Option Quotes
1.21) Contract Specifications each 0.01 = $12.50
1.22) Exchange Margin Requirement per 125,000 Euro FX
1.23) EUR Collar Spreadsheet




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