1)   The US economy & inflation using the Fed’s numbers
2)   Reported Versus Actual Inflation
3)   Inflation Engaging
4)   Rates are rising the yield curve narrowing
5)   Rate Futures are now pricing in a 2019 recession
6)   Stock are overvalued relative to gold
7)   The only solution left for US Treasury debt crisis
8)   News on the US/China Trade War
9)   Chronology of the US China Trade War
10) Latest Trump Troubles
11) A Divided America

Fed Charts

12) US deposit rates versus the CPI
13) US bank borrowing cost to lending rate
14) US annual budget deficits
15) US Federal Debt
US debt to tax receipt growth

17) US median priced home
18) US debt to GDP ratio
19) US trade deficits
20) Emergency purchases of US debt by the Federal Reserve
21) US debt to personal income ratio
22) US debt to employed population
23) US debt to hourly earnings
24) US mortgage delinquency
25) US debt to GDP ratio relative to China
26) US growth ratio relative to China
27) US trade deficits relative to China
28) USD against China’s currency (Renminbi)
29) US Versus China’s short term interest rates
30) Offshore Chinese Renminbi Market (CNH)
31) Chinese Renminbi/USD Futures
32) Chinese Renminbi/USD Quotes
33) US credit rating versus other countries
34) US Treasury debt held by non US investors
35) Treasury auction basics
36) US debt service cost to tax receipts
37) CPI using pre 1980 & 1990 calculations

38) CPI ABC chart
39) Current CPI ABC chart
40) Why inflation does not match the true CPI
41) US Debt, Tax receipts and CPI
42) Tax receipts. median home, M1, gold, CPI
43) The last tightening cycle
44) Fed funds contract valuation chart
45) Current Fed funds chart and all historical data
46) US Debt service cost
47) Federal debt to debt service cost
48) Bloomberg Fed funds quotes
49) CPI using current calculation methods
50) CPI using the Fed 1990 calculation methods
51) BLS.GOV “official CPI
52) Federal debt, M1 and CPI

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