E-mini NASDAQ 100 Product Overview

Discover E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures & Options

E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures and options, ticker symbol NQ, provide some of the most efficient, cost-effective and liquid methods of gaining exposure to the NASDAQ 100 index.

The NASDAQ 100 index includes 100 of the largest domestic and international non-financial companies listed on NASDAQ, based on market capitalization. Using these futures and options products, you can leverage exposure to major industries, including computer hardware and software, telecommunications, retail trade and biotechnology.

The E-mini NASDAQ 100 product suite allows you to take positions on the performance of the NASDAQ 100 index electronically, in an active and liquid marketplace. NQ futures expire on a quarterly basis on the March quarterly cycle, and trade electronically nearly around the clock.

Additionally, NASDAQ-100 options have numerous expirations, ranging from weekly to quarterly, and provide even more opportunities, allowing flexibility in managing existing option positions, targeted trading based on market movement and the ability to trade high-impact events.

Trading the Product

Quarterly earnings reports of NASDAQ-listed companies have special importance to the NQ market.

Because the NASDAQ-100 is a tech-heavy index, general trends in the technology industry, regulatory changes and earnings of major tech companies may provide trading opportunities in the NQ markets.

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