17 Related and Unrelated Markets

To demonstrate the durability of the EMA9 and Opinion try using them on any of the related and unrelated markets linked below.

1)   Last 10 EuroStoxx  monthly O/H/L/C
2)   Opinion

Last 10 FTSE 100 monthly O/H/L/C

4)   FTSE opinion

Last 10 DAX Index monthly O/H/L/C

6)   DAX Index opinion

Last 10 Gold monthly O/H/L/C

8)   Gold opinion

Last 10 Euro monthly O/H/L/C

10) Euro opinion

Last 10 British Pound monthly O/H/L/C

12) British Pound opinion

13) Last 10 Australian dollar monthly O/H/L/C
14) Australian Dollar opinion

15) Last 10 Canadian dollar monthly O/H/L/C
16) Canadian Dollar opinion

17) Last 10 Brazilian Real monthly O/H/L/C
18) Brazilian Real opinion

19) Last 10 Russian Ruble monthly O/H/L/C
20) Russian Ruble opinion

21) Last 10 on 2 year US Treasuries monthly O/H/L/C
22) 10 Year Treasury opinion

23) Last 10 Euro Bund  monthly O/H/L/C
24) Euro Bund opinion

25) Last 10 NY Crude Oil monthly O/H/L/C
26) Crude Oil opinion

27) Last 10 Copper monthly O/H/L/C
28) Copper opinion

Last 10 Lumber monthly O/H/L/C

30) Lumber opinion

31) Last 10 Cotton monthly O/H/L/C
32) Cotton opinion

33) Last 10 Orange Juice monthly O/H/L/C
34) Orange Juice opinion

Identifying the trend is only 1/3rd of the battle to win the war of becoming a profitable trader, the other 2/3rds is how you structure your trades.

For full disclosure of how we set profit objectives and define risk on every trade and for the duration of every trading period see this link.

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