Trading the Metals Markets

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Trading the Metals Markets

The metals market is really several markets. Precious metals such as gold and silver are often thought of as jewelry markets while base metals such as copper go into homes and manufacturing. Platinum and palladium are precious metals, but are used in automobiles while gold is many things to many people – a currency, an inflation hedge, a barometer of the economy, a central bank tool and of course, a commodity.

Collectively, metals markets offer investors access to truly global markets that are connected to everything from the computer industry to construction to macro-economics and geopolitics. This brings in a broad range of participants from commercial hedgers, to central banks to institutional traders and individuals looking for opportunities and diversity. The markets are sometimes volatile and unpredictable, which means they also offer flexible and creative trading opportunities, as well as ways to protect and hedge against broader moves in the stock and commodities sectors. Traders looking to tap into this major global commodity sector access to precious and base metal futures virtually 24-hours per day

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