Southwest Managed Investments, LLC Global Diversified Program

The Global Diversified program’s trading strategy is ultra-long term model based trend following. No fundamental analysis is utilized. The strategy is not based on analysis of supply and demand factors, general economic factors or world events. The GD system generates its own entry and exit signals and trades both sides of the market (long and short). The GD system is very long term in time-frame focus. The GD system attempts to locate potentially profitable performance characteristics across a wide range of markets. Approximately 27 domestic and international commodity interests may be traded. Six of these may either be long or short interest rate contracts reflecting interest rates in Europe, the US and Australia. All markets are traded with equal parameters. SWMI reserves the right to make adjustments in the exact entry or exit price the program uses, or to delay entry or exit on any order, in order to attempt to reduce the impact of slippage. The balance of the commodity interests followed are currencies, grains, metals, softs and energies. The program utilizes one long-term time-frame model. It should be noted that there will be times when there is significant correlation between markets within a market sector or between market sectors, possibly in an adverse direction to positions held in a client’s account. Clients of this program should be aware that this factor alone, although there are others, will lead to periods of extreme volatility and possibly very large drawdowns in an account’s equity.

Year or YTD Program SP500 TR
2016 6.56 11.98
2015 0.16 1.41
2014 44.94 13.69
2013 -16.50 32.41
2012 11.09 15.98
2011 -11.61 2.12
2010 24.65 15.06
2009 -11.63 26.45
2008 55.24 -36.99
2007 8.58 5.50
2006 14.82 15.79
2005 -11.51 4.89
2004 -1.69 10.87
2003 8.37 28.69
2002 5.13 -22.10
Average 8.57 8.38
Manager Name: Southwest Managed Investments, LLC
Address: 106 E. Sixth Street
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip: 78701
Country: USA

Jonathan Teer,  The Manager received a Bachelors of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin in 1982. Since 1988, the Manager has been involved in the futures industry and with futures trading on a full time basis. From June, 1988 to February, 1989, the Manager worked for International Futures Strategists Inc., a registered IB, CTA and Commodity Pool Operator. The Manager was egistered as an AP of IFS from July, 1988 through February, 1989. He was registered as a Branch Office Manager of IFS from November, 1988 through February, 1989. While with IFS, the Manager evaluated the performance of various CTAs, raised and allocated client funds to be managed by a few chosen advisors. International Futures Strategists Inc. is no longer registered with the CFTC. From February, 1989 through June, 1989, The Manager was affiliated with Kaiser Financial Group, a registered IB, in a similar capacity. The Manager was registered as an AP and a Branch Office Manager of Kaiser from April, 1989 through May, 1989. Kaiser Financial Group is no longer registered with the CFTC. In June, 1989, the Manager became a guaranteed IB for Rosenthal Collins, a registered Futures Commission Merchant. The Manager managed various systematic trend following CTAs for his clients’ accounts. In December 1990, the Manager terminated his relationship with Rosenthal Collins and withdrew his IB registration. In October, 1990, the Manager began trading his own account along with a small number of various private accounts. Commencing in November 1991 and continuing through December, 1992, the Manager devoted his time and energies principally to developing, analyzing, testing, and refining trading strategies and methodologies. In November, 1992, the Manager became registered as a CTA for the purpose of offering his trading services to the public. Beginning in November, 1992 the Manager operated as a sole proprietor under the name FF & CG Capital Management, trading his own account and client accounts. In May, 1996, the Manager also registered FF & CG Capital Management as an IB for the purpose of placing client funds with third party CTAs. Since 1992, The Manager’s primary focus and specific area of expertise has been in model development of trend following systems, along with the execution of the same. The Manager was registered with the CFTC, as a listed principal of the Advisor, on July 27, 2010.

Vince Batla,  In May of 1993, the Manager was introduced to futures and commodity trading when he opened a managed futures account with FF&CG Capital Management, an Introducing Broker. The Manager began exploring, testing, and developing specific methodologies for trading futures and commodity contracts. After years of research, the Manager concluded that a systematic trend following diversified approach offered the most potential as opposed to the many other methodologies he researched and studied. From January 2002 to the present, The Manager has actively traded SWMI’s proprietary trading model in various private clients’ accounts. The Manager’s focus regarding trading method development has been directed to purely trading this program with no regard to any fundamental considerations. Additional focus, with regard to portfolio selection and time frame, has been directed to minimize drawdown while maintaining a smooth equity curve. The Manager’s primary focus and specific area of expertise has been in model development of trend following systems, along with the execution of the same. The Manager became registered as an Associated Person of FF&CG Capital Management on February 14, 2005, and became registered as a Branch Manager of FF&CG Capital Management on October 31, 2005. His AP and Branch Manager registrations with FF&CG Capital Management were withdrawn on June 22, 2010. He has also been registered as a CTA since February 8, 2005, although no business was conducted under that name. Mr. Batla became an AP of SWMI on July 28, 2009. Mr. Batla was approved as the principal of SWMI on July 21, 2009.

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