Pinstripe Trading, LLC Standard Trading Program

The Pinstripe Standard Program employs a systematic approach to engage in the speculative trading of the S&P E-mini contact. This procedure and approach to a methodical form of trading was perfected by the founder Paul Taglia, a twenty year veteran of the markets who previously managed over $100 million in his prior fund. The scientific research led systematic trading strategies can hold long or short positions. The Program blends short term momentum and short term mean reversion strategies with a few longer term momentum and mean reversion strategies, incorporating multiple time frames and systems. The strategies generate three trades per month on average and each has a holding period of 3-5 trading days. Only infrequently will longer term trades trigger and their average hold will be 2-4 weeks. A prolonged parabolic move in either direction will keep the program idle and on the sidelines, thus not participating. Trade frequency is solely dictated by the systems and the trades they generate. One of Pinstripe’s primary strengths is to follow our models and not use discretion. This rule is written in stone. Pinstripe’s sole goal is to always protect capital. The moment a trade triggers, a stop is in place. When a stop is reached, the entire position is closed at one time. Managing and controlling portfolio risk is accomplished by the infrequency of trades that trigger on a monthly basis, let alone that overlap on a daily basis. Risk is further controlled by only trading one instrument. Pinstripe’s highly efficient investment business with extremely low overhead allows us to be nimble, patient, and selective of when we trade (speculate). As such we never feel compelled to trade daily, weekly, or even monthly. Our sole focus and dedication is to only risk capital when the odds of success are overwhelmingly in our favor. Pinstripe’s investment objective is to deliver long-term capital appreciation through compounded growth. The intention of the trading program is to consistently make money and keep draw-downs to a minimum. The targeted annual return for the Program is 16% (before fees), with a risk per trade of 2.50%. The Pinstripe Standard Program’s track record has been achieved during several periods of high volatility and some difficult market conditions.

Year or YTD Program SP500 TR
2016 9.33 11.98
2015 17.15 1.41
2014 1.39 13.69
2013 8.17 32.41
2012 10.64 15.98
2011 5.96 2.12
2010 0.42 15.06
2009 10.03 13.96
Average 7.89 13.33
Manager Name: Pinstripe Trading, LLC
Address: 1000 Quail St, Suite #210
City: Newport Beach
State: CA
Zip: 92660-9037
Country: United States

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