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he RLA I Program is a discretionary program managed by Ron Anderson. Mr. Anderson’s 30+ years in soybean and grain markets has sculpted his approach to crush and spread relationships. Mr. Anderson’s trading methodology is based on fundamental analysis and the examination of external factors that affect supply and demand, such as weather, governmental policies, and import/export activity. Mr. Anderson expects that the majority of spread transactions entered into will be “crush” and “reverse crush” spreads which anticipate changes in the dollar value of the difference between the cost of soybeans and the combined sales values of the products derived from soybeans—soybean meal and soybean oil—that are not reflected in the current futures prices for these products. Mr. Anderson will also trade spread transactions on other agricultural products traded on the CBT and other exchanges.

Year or YTD Program SP500 TR
2016 -3.99 11.98
2015 -1.18 1.41
2014 27.13 13.69
2013 7.96 32.41
2012 21.43 15.98
2011 9.59 2.12
2010 -0.48 15.06
2009 43.04 26.45
2008 0.00 1.06
Average 11.50 13.35
Manager Name: County Cork LLC
Address: 5215 Old Orchard Rd. suite 800
City: Skokie
State: IL
Zip: 60077
Country: United States

Robert J. O’Brien, County Cork LLC’s Chairman and CEO and the Manager of County Cork Asset Management LLC (“CCAM”), an affiliate of County Cork LLC. Mr. O’Brien has been registered as an Associated Person with County Cork LLC since May8, 2002. Mr. O’Brien is one of County Cork LLC’s trading principals and is primarily responsible for review and acceptance of trading-related decisions, including money management, portfolio selection, and halt trading decisions.

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