Acorn Global Investments Inc Acorn Diversified Program QEP

The objective of the Acorn Diversified Program is to deliver long-term capital appreciation with low correlation to equity, bond and real estate investments. Acorn Global Investments, founded in 2005, is an alternative investment manager that identifies early stage opportunities in global futures markets. With institutional infrastructure and extensive experience, we serve institutions, advisors and individuals from around the world. Acorn has two offices in Canada, located in Oakville, Ontario, and in Montreal, Quebec.

Year or YTD Program SP500 TR
2016 -4.78 11.98
2015 2.42 1.41
2014 26.24 13.69
2013 9.37 32.41
2012 1.13 15.98
2011 -5.90 2.12
2010 15.39 15.06
2009 -5.96 26.45
2008 22.32 -36.99
2007 18.97 5.50
2006 6.89 15.79
2005 15.42 5.76
Average 8.46 9.10
Manager Name: Acorn Global Investments Inc
Address: 1267 Cornwall Road, Suite 201
City: Oakville
State: ON
Zip: L6J 7T5

Jason Russell, As founder of the Manager, Jason Russell serves as the Manager’s Chief Investment Officer. Jason is a veteran portfolio manager who brings more than 20 years of industry and alternative investment management experience to the firm.

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