Trading the Fed Funds rate higher through December 2016

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1) Trading the Fed Funds rate from 0.54% higher between now and December 2016 ZQZ16

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Instructions on how to experiment with any potential outcome for this trade.

2)  Click here and open the December 2016 delivery risk/reward spreadsheet, when the spreadsheet opens enable it.

A) Quotes are linked in cell B-1
B) Enter any price for the Fed funds rate in cell B-2
C) The rate the price represents will show in cell C-2
D) Investment amount can be changed in cell D-2
E) Net profit or loss will show in cell E-2
F) Net liquidation value will shoe in cell G-2
G) Deposit per contract can be changed in cell G-3
H) Contracts traded shows in cell H-19

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This spreadsheet will allow you to experiment with any potential outcome for this trade using any investment amount or leverage. Contact me for other strategies with a higher return on risk trading any duration in any global interest rate market.

4) Where the market sees rates and when

The Fed Funds futures contract will give you excellent indication of what market expectations are for the Fed Funds rate to the 0.01% monthly all the way out to October 2018.

To convert the contract price into the rate it represents take 100.00 subtract the contract price = the rate.

Click here for current futures quotes


5) Where the Fed see’s rates and when

Market versus Fed expectations are entirely different; the last guidance the Fed gave was 3.2500% by December 2017.

6) Difference between market and Fed expectations

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7) Click here for supporting links,charts, videos, reports directly on the Fed’s website.


8) If you’d like to track additional interest rate positions send us a message or schedule an online review .

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