Interest Rate Analysis

1) What’s Moving

US Rates Price Change Non US Rates Price Change
1 Month 1 Month
3 Month 3 Month
This Year This Year
12 Month 12 Month

2) Buy, Sell Hold Summary

2.1) US Rates
2.2) Non US Rates

3) Interest Rate Analysis

US Rate Analysis Pages EMA  Chart Long, Short, Hold
3 Month Deposits Chart Opinion
30 Day Fed Funds Chart  Opinion
2 Year Treasury Chart Opinion
5 Year Treasury Chart Opinion
10 Year Treasury Chart Opinion
Ultra 10-Year T-Note Chart Opinion
Ultra T-Bond (30 year) Chart Opinion
30 Year Treasury Chart Opinion
Non US  Rate Analysis Pages EMA  Chart Long, Short, Hold
3 Month EuriBor Chart Opinion
3 Month Sterling Chart Opinion
Euro Schatz (2 year) Chart Opinion
Euro Bobl (5 year) Chart Opinion
Euro Bund (10 year) Chart Opinion
Euro OAT (10 year) Chart Opinion
Long Gilt (10 year) Chart Opinion
Euro BTP Long-Term (10 year) Chart Opinion
Euro Buxl (30 year) Chart  Opinion
Euro Bono Long-Term Chart Opinion
US Rate Quotes Euro Rate Quotes Priced In Change
Treasury Yields Treasury Calculator All Fed Statements
News, Past  Hour News Past 24 Hours News Past Week

4) Resources

4.1)   LS Rate Performance 30K
4.2)   LS Rate Performance 10K
4.3)   Priced in rate hikes/cuts through 2027
4.4)   US Rate Futures Year to Date Price Change
4.5)   US Rate Futures Long, Short, Hold Summary
4.6)   International Rate Futures Year to Date Price Change
4.7)   International Rate Futures Long, Short, Hold Summary
4.8)   Today’s probability for a rate hike at the next Fed meeting
4.9)   Interest rate 3 month to 30 year curve
4.10) Fed Meetings and Press Conferences
4.11) Understanding the FOMC Report

5) Interest Rate Futures/Options Educational Videos and Resources

5.1) Futures Educational Videos (33)
5.2) Futures Options Educational Videos (34)

5.3) Eurodollar Interest Rate Futures Contracts
5.4) Eurodollar Futures Pricing And The Forward Rate Market
5.5) How to Trade Eurodollar Spreads
5.6) Fed Fund Futures contracts
5.7) Understanding IMM Price and Date

5.8) Understanding Eurodollar Strips
5.8) What is the Eurodollar Settlement Process?
5.9) Treasury Futures Contracts
5.10) Calculating U.S. Treasury Pricing
5.11) Treasury Intermarket Spreads – The Yield Curve
5.12) Trading the U.S. Treasury Curve: Two versus Ten
5.13) How Can You Measure Risk in Treasuries?
5.14) Treasuries Hedging and Risk Management
5.15) The Basics of Treasuries Basis
5.16) Treasuries Delivery Process
5.17) The Importance of Basis Point Value (BPV)
5.18) Understanding Packs and Bundles
5.19) Understanding Convexity Bias
5.20) Understanding the FOMC Report
5.21) Get to know Treasuries Cheapest To Deliver (CTD)
5.22) Trading the Link Between USD/JPY and U.S. Treasuries

5) ATA summary & account opening procedure

5.1) The ATA Fee Structure
5.2) Defining Overall Risk For Your Account

5.3) Exchanges Traded
5.4) Brokerage Firms
5.5) How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
How To Open An Account

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