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168) Trading Rates Higher 201806
Identifying The Trend Change In Gold
US Economic Reality 2000-2018
165)Performance summary
164)Track us trading rates higher through June 2018
163)Platinum Gold Spread
162) SeekingAlpha 20 November 2017 Update
161) Trading rates Higher March 2017
160) SeekingAlpha 15 November 2015 Recommendations
159)Collars and Deltas
158)Educational videos
157) Segregated Accounts
156)Trading Apple Using Defined Risk Strategy
155)+98.63% trading US short term interest rates higher, 13 March 2017
154) +80.16% Trading Interest Rates Higher, 19 January 2017
153) Common Mistakes System Traders Make
152)The pounding in the Pound is the US dollar next?

151)  Capturing The Move Higher In The Fed Funds Rate
150)  Trading with Collars
148)  Market Versus Fed Expectations For Rates
147)   1933-1939 Versus 2008-2016
146)  What is Banqiao Banking Policy? 
145)   US Consumer Price Index Fact or Fiction?
144)  Oil: Trend Insights from Futures and Options
143)   Who’s right the Market or the Fed?
142)   Recession slang
141)   The Sad Story of the Hunt Brothers
   The only solution left for US Treasury debt crisis
Strategy to deal with rising rates over the next 36 months
138)   Last Fed guidance as to where the Fed sees rates and when
137)   FOMC meeting schedule to set US rates
136)   The last tightening cycle 2004-2006 1.00% to 2006 5.25%
135)   What the Fed Funds rate is and its history
134)   Capture the move higher in the Fed Funds rate
133)   What the 3 month rate is and its history
132)  Capture the move higher in 3 month rates
131)  Hedging Treasury Risk
130) Trading the Fed’s defined range in the Fed funds rate
129) The US versus China using the Fed’s numbers
128) How China’s race to reserve currency status will rock markets
127) The Chinese currency to become more important globally
126) China: Renminbi/Yuan becomes an IMF reserve currency
125) Bernanke and the “Great Recession”
124) Why U.S. inflation is so “contained”
123) Trading the S&P 500 using collars
122) Countdown to higher rates
121) CME interest rate contracts
Current interest rate news last 24 hourslast weeklast month

Risk Reward Spreadsheets

111) Option Write Spreadsheets
110) Capturing the move higher in rates Short Dec 2016 – 99.46

109) Trading the Fed Funds rate
108) Fed Funds Outright (no hedge)
107) Fed Funds (no hedge) 100K
106) Fed Funds  (no hedge) 10K
105) Trading 3 month rates higher
104) 3 Month  (no hedge)
103) 3 Month put weighted vol spread
102) 3 Month vol spread Dec 2017
101) 3 Month vol bear spread no hedge Dec 2017
100) 3 Month GEH-M-Z-2016 Fed Funds ZQ-H 2016 10.05.2015

Fed Charts & Supporting Links

88) US deposit rates versus the CPI
87) US bank borrowing cost to lending rate
86) US annual budget deficits
85) US debt to tax receipt growth
84) US median priced home
83) US debt to GDP ratio
82) US trade deficits
81) Emergency purchases of US debt by the Federal Reserve
80) US debt to personal income ratio
79) US debt to employed population
78) US debt to hourly earnings
77) US mortgage delinquency
76) US debt to GDP ratio relative to China
75) US growth ratio relative to China
74) US trade deficits relative to China
73) USD against China’s currency (Renminbi)
72) US Versus China’s short term interest rates
71) Offshore Chinese Renminbi Market (CNH)
70) Chinese Renminbi/USD Futures
69) Chinese Renminbi/USD Quotes
69) US credit rating versus other countries
68) US Treasury debt held by non US investors
67) Treasury auction basics
66) US debt service cost to tax receipts
65) CPI using pre 1980 & 1990 calculations

64) CPI ABC chart
63) Current CPI ABC chart
62) Why inflation does not match the true CPI
61) US Debt, Tax receipts and CPI
60) Tax receipts. median home, M1, gold, CPI
59) The last tightening cycle
58) Fed funds contract valuation chart
57) Current Fed funds chart and all historical data
56) US Debt service cost
55) Federal debt to debt service cost
54) Bloomberg Fed funds quotes
53) CPI using current calculation methods
52) CPI using the Fed 1990 calculation methods
51) BLS.GOV “official CPI
50) Federal debt, M1 and CPI


16) Chicago Mercantile Exchange rate commentary
15) CME interest rate contracts
14)  Videos
13)  Educational material
12)  Getting started CME
11)  Real-Time Trading Simulation
10)  Bloomberg Live

9)    Reuters
8)    Washington Post
7)    MSNBC
6)    CNN
5)    The Financial Times
4)    CBS Market Watch
3)    Current key rates
2)    Economic calendar
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