Trading 3 Month Deposit Rates Higher (Dec 2016 GEZ16)

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Below is a simplified trade to capture the move higher in 3 month rates contact me with questions or for more advanced strategies with a superior return on maximum risk.

Trading this rate higher from 0.82% (December 2016 delivery GEZ16)

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Instructions on how to experiment with any potential outcome for this trade.

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8) Spreadsheet entries

A) B-3 Enter any contract price in  cell B-3
B) C-3 Shows the rate the contract price represents
C) D-3 Initial investment (enter any amount)
D) E-3 Net profit or loss
E) F-3 Net liquidating value
F) C-4 To change the leverage change deposit per contract

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10) Fed versus market expectations

Fed expectations are  entirely different; the last guidance was over 3.2500% by December 2017
(3 month rates trade +0.25% to +0.30% higher than the Fed Funds rate)

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