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My objective is to provide my clients with the best long/short trading opportunities through the safest and most capable firms worldwide.

Every member of my team has a minimum of 19 years of professional trading experience, all have worked on the floor of a major Exchange or Proprietary Trading Desk.

1) We provide access to

2) We track and trade
2.1) Top Ranked ATAs (Automated Trading Accounts)
2.2) Top Ranked Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
2.3) Top Ranked Mutual Funds

3) Risk control

With all ATA accounts you can define your maximum account risk before the first trade goes on. This is done by setting an initial and maintenance balance when you open the account. In the event your maintenance balance is hit, the account is automatically liquidated on or before the next settlement and losses contained, if we fail to liquidate on or before the next settlement we’re liable.

4) Mutually beneficial fee structure

The advisors who direct trades in the ATA programs base compensation on 12.50% of net new high profits quarterly, there is no management fee.

5) Educational videos & resources

5.1) General information on Futures contracts
5.2) General Information on Options contracts
5.3) Stock Index Futures
5.4) Currency Futures
5.5) Metals Futures
5.6) Energy Futures
5.7) Interest Rate Futures

6) ATA summary & account opening procedure

6.1) ATA’s, What They Are and How They Work
6.2) ATA Performance Page
6.3) The ATA Fee Structure
6.4) Defining Overall Risk For Your ATA Account
6.5) How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
6.6) How To Open An Account Minimums 12.5K to 500K

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