VBO 3838390

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Schedule an online review using the 3838390 VBO spreadsheet I’ll walk you through the mechanics of how this ATA works enabling you to verify past performance and monitor trades forward.

1) Monthly and Annual Performance

Performance is based on trading one $250,000 unit, never adding units and withdrawing all net profits annually. This program uses leverage and has a realistic risk factor of $90,000 USD per unit, if you are not in a position to comfortably assume this risk you should not participate in this program.

2) Every allocation has it’s own spreadsheet providing,

A) Interactive charts.
B) The allocation’s performance summary.
C) 2000-2021 monthly/annual performance.
D) Monthly/annual performance for every method traded.
E) Links to contract specifications, margin requirements, quotes and data.

 3838390 VBO Spreadsheet

3) Cells J-24 – J47 link spreadsheets for each method traded.

4) These spreadsheets provide

A) Full disclosure of trading methodology.
B) Life of program performance summary.
C) 2000-2021 daily open, high, low, close data.
D) Every day’s buy, sell, stop, objective and all volatility calculations.
E) Every trade entry, offset, profit, loss, cumulative profit or loss.

5) There are 2,097,151 possible combinations of the 21 VBO trading methodologies if like to review the top 50,000 allocations or create your own see this page

6) Any allocation can be traded automatically for your account.

7) Using any reasonable maintenance balance

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