SMN Investment Services GmbH Diversified Futures Strategy

SMN Investment Services launched the SMN Diversified Futures Strategy in October 1996. Two classical trend following systems were used which were developed between 1990 and 1994 by two of the company’s founders. Since then, the systems were modified and adjusted several times according to results of in-house research and development activities. In November 2006 all strategies with a short-term trading horizon were dismissed due to fundamental changes in market behaviour shifting the focus of the smn trading approach towards purely long-term trend following. In November 2007 a risk overlay system was implemented reducing stepwise the exposure actuated by intensity of the correlation and the level of adverse volatility. The most recent system modification significantly increased the number of markets traded by adding synthetic markets. These markets take advantage of relative price movements in fundamentally correlating markets. At the moment, more than 150 markets in 10 sectors are traded. All systems in use are proprietary by SMN Investment Services.

Year or YTD Program SP500 TR
2016 -8.73 11.98
2015 0.92 1.41
2014 57.29 13.69
2013 -7.15 32.41
2012 -20.11 15.98
2011 -7.77 2.12
2010 16.01 15.06
2009 -15.88 26.45
2008 58.53 -36.99
2007 13.56 5.50
2006 6.06 15.79
2005 -3.67 4.89
2004 -8.77 10.87
2003 33.89 28.69
2002 16.52 -22.10
2001 8.11 -11.88
2000 7.54 -9.09
1999 -3.30 21.04
1998 16.79 28.58
1997 12.55 33.38
1996 7.70 5.43
Average 8.58 9.20
Manager Name: SMN Investment Services GmbH
Address: Rotenturmstrasse 16-18
City: Vienna
Zip: A-1010
Country: Austria

Alexander Svoboda, From 1989 through 1996 gained professional experience in investment research and trading in equities and futures. One of the founders of smn, from 1997-2004 Managing Director smn Ltd., Bermuda. Now Director of the Board.

David Railton,  From 1984 through 2002 was employed in various Treasury functions at local banks and in an international group. In 2003 he joined smn Ltd., Bermuda, as an Executive Vice President and since 2004 as Managing Director.

Christian Mayer,  Since 1988 professional experience in servicing institutional customers and in general management. He is one of the founders of smn and acts as spokesman for smn Group.

Michael Neubauer, Since 1989 professional experience in trading in equity, derivatives and managed futures. One of the founders of smn, he is responsible for accounting, controlling and risk management in the field of managed futures.

Gernot Heitzinger, Since 1990 professional experience in mutual fund and institutional portfolio management, as well as leading management positions in different areas of asset management. He is responsible for client relations.

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