Hyman Beck & Company, Inc. Global Portfolio QEP

The Global Portfolio exercises a disciplined systematic trading style. It employs a trend following approach using computerized trading models, emphasizing mathematical and quantitative techniques to identify intermediate and long term price trends. The Global Portfolio trades a diversified portfolio of markets with trades that could last over a year. Quantitative models driven mainly by volatility and correlation measurements are employed to control investment biases on the decisions that determine the portfolio’s leverage and entry or exit trade signals. HB & Co.’s trading models have evolved over the years as a result of a continuing commitment to research and development. The markets included in the Global Portfolio are drawn from several market sectors such as financials, currencies, grains, metals and equity indices. Principal component analysis and market liquidity affect the portfolio’s composition over time periods.

Year or YTD Program SP500 TR
2016 5.04 11.98
2015 3.07 1.41
2014 15.74 13.69
2013 7.51 32.41
2012 -19.60 15.98
2011 -10.29 2.12
2010 7.76 15.06
2009 4.28 26.45
2008 49.78 -36.99
2007 -5.85 5.50
2006 26.21 15.79
2005 -9.21 4.89
2004 -4.17 10.87
2003 10.69 28.69
2002 21.36 -22.10
2001 20.47 -11.88
2000 -10.48 -9.09
1999 0.81 21.04
1998 16.84 28.58
1997 24.38 33.38
1996 10.83 22.96
1995 29.12 37.57
1994 3.79 1.32
1993 14.63 10.08
1992 22.56 7.65
1991 36.31 13.92
Average 10.45 10.82
Manager Name: Hyman Beck & Company, Inc.
Address: 210 Park Ave, Suite #120
City: Florham Park
State: NJ
Zip: 07932-1006
Country: USA

Alexander Hyman is the President and a principal of HB & Co. Mr. Hyman is also a fifty percent shareholder of HB & Co. Mr. Hyman, along with Mr. Beck, is directly responsible for all trading and money management decisions made by HB & Co. From October 1983 through February 1991, Mr. Hyman was employed by Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc., a registered futures commission merchant, where, at the time of his departure, he was First Vice President and Associate Director of the Managed Futures Division and a Director and principal of Dean Witter Futures & Currency Management Inc., a registered commodity trading advisor. Mr. Hyman was also a Director of Demeter Management Corporation, the sponsor of all of Dean Witter’s public futures funds. While at Dean Witter, Mr. Hyman also was responsible for the development of managed futures products. Mr. Hyman was graduated from Hofstra University in May 1983 with a B.B.A. degree in International Business and Economics.

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