Just2Trade Account Opening Instructions & Company Information

Just2Trade is trusted by more than 90,000 clients in 70+ countries. One account enables you to trade Stocks, Futures and Forex with direct access to more than 35 Global Exchanges.

Just2trades capabilities have exceeded our expectations and they have consistently provided our clients with impeccable service and trade execution.


  1. Open a individual account online
  2. Open an account using printed forms
  3. Open an Entity account
  4. Entities that can be accommodated
  5. How balances are guaranteed plus or minus trading activity
  6. Exchanges you can trade in your account, links to their sites
  7. Proprietary institutional platforms enabling execution of complex orders for multiple accounts through multiple firms simultaneously.
  8. Third party trading platforms
  9. Just2Trade Legal Documents and Licenses

1) Open a Personal Trading Account Online  

  • Open an individual account online
  • One of the following documents identifying the Client
     copy of a valid passport;
     copy of a current identification card of the European Union;
     copy of a valid driving license
  •  One of the following documents for confirmation of residential address:
     Original or copy of a utility bill (telephone, electricity, etc.) that shows the current place of residence;
     Copy of a bank statement from a recognized bank or copy of a credit card statement that indicates the current place of residence;
     Copy of a Reference Letter from an independent reliable source, i.e. lawyers, accountants or senior authorized persons of regulated financial institutions;
     Copy of lease agreement
  • Advisory & Risk Control Agreement . This link will show you how to define overall risk for your Automated Trading or Managed Account and provide an example of how our fee structure works
  • Email Completed Advisory and Risk Agreement to your account representative, CC Peter_Knight@PeterKnightAdvisor.com

2) If you’d like to print out and complete the account forms 

3) Open an Entity Account 

Entity Accounts can be a little challenging to set up  contact us or send a message  and we’ll provide assistance

4) Entities that can be accommodated

  • Corporate with shares in Registered form
  • Corporate with shares in Bearer form
  • Private enterprise
  • Credit Institution
  • Investment firm which provides investment services to the clients
  • Other authorized or regulated financial firms
  • Insurance companies
  • UCITS and their management companies
  • Pension Fund and management companies of such funds
  • Commodity and commodity derivatives dealers
  • Person whose main business consists of dealing in their own account in commodities and/or commodity derivatives
  • Firms which provides investment services and/or perform investment activities consisting exclusively in dealing in their own account
  • National governments and their corresponding offices including public bodies that deal with public debt
  • Trusts
  • Non-commercial unions, societies, clubs, provident funds and charities
  • Unincorporated businesses, partnerships
  • Central Banks
  • Supranational organizations

5) How balances are guaranteed plus or minus trading activity

6) Capabilities 

One account enables you to trade Futures, Stocks and Forex with direct access to the following exchanges.

Exchange Exchange location
BATS Options USA
BME (Madrid Stock Exchange) Spain
BOX (Boston Options Exchange) USA
CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) USA
CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) USA
CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) USA
CSE (OMX Copenhagen) Denmark
EURONEXT Amsterdam The Netherlands
EURONEXT Brussels Belgium
EURONEXT Lisbon Portugal
EURONEXT Paris France
FSE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Germany
HKEx (Hong Kong Exchanges) Hong Kong
HSE (OMX Helsinki) Finland
ISE (International Securities Exchange) USA
LSE (London Stock Exchange) UK
MEX (Mexican Stock Exchange) Mexico
MIL (Milan Stock Exchange) Italy
MOEX (Moscow Exchange) Russia
NASDAQ Options Market USA
NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) USA
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) USA
OSE (Oslo Stock Exchange) Norway
PHLX (Philadelphia Stock Exchange) USA
SET (Stock Exchanges of Thailand) Thailand
SIX (Swiss Exchange) Switzerland
SSE (OMX Stockholm) Sweden
TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) Japan
TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange) Canada
TSX (Toronto Venture Exchange) Canada
UE (Ukrainian Exchange) Ukraine
VIE (Vienna Stock Exchange) Austria


7) Institutional Multiple Account Trading Platform

  • Direct Market Access to multiple market destinations for high speed order execution and validation without compromising latency.
  • Enables the ability to place real-time orders to Equity, Futures and Forex Markets via secured order entry connections in which all multiple accounts are transmitted to executing firms in one master account.
  • Automatically transmit, receive and cancel advanced order types, execution reports, order status, positions, liquidity flags, account balances
  • Order by Order checks for Maximum Price Discrepancy, Order Throttle and Duplicate Orders
  • Enables Mass Order Cancellation
  • Order and risk tools for a financial institutions to send its omnibus orders to its broker’s or clearing firm’s execution and risk management platform.
  • Provides the controller of the master account the ability to monitor all transactions of the sub accounts
  • Monitors and applies all pre-trade risk management
  • Offers a post trade reporting tool integrated to properly record trading historical information and portfolio management.
  • Supports Multiple Monitors
  • Register here for more information 

8) Single Account Trading Platforms

8.1) CQG Trader

  • HTML browser-based platform
  • Hybrid Order Ticket (H.O.T.)
  • Quote Board (Quote Spreadsheet)
  • Contemporary data visualization
  • News Feed
  • Customizable Interface
  • Market Data
  • RTD Support for delivering market data to Microsoft Excel
  • Multi-Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish
  • More on CQG Platforms

8.2) MetaTrader 5

  • Multi-functional platform
  • Technical analysis tools
  • One-click trading capability
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Trading alerts
  • “Market Place”
  • Virtual hosting
  • Advanced market depth and real-time quotes
  • More on MetaTrader

8.3) Sterling Trader Pro

  • One of the leading direct-access trading platforms
  • Ideal for the advanced trader
  • Robust options tools
  • Real-time market analysis
  • Real-time market data
  • Advanced charting with over 60 configurable studies
  • More on Sterling Trader

8.4) OEC Trader

  • Advanced charting and orders
  • AutoX signals from TradeStation
  • Indicators & Strategies
  • Multiple order tickets
  • Create strategies in simulated or live environments
  • RSS News Feed
  • Risk Management
  • Allocation Blocks
  • Custom Layouts

8.5) Mobile Applications

  • Available for iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone 7
  • Real-time quotes and account balance
  • Customizable charts and indicators
  • Easy order entry and modification capability
  • One-click adjustment capability
  • Search and browse tools
  • Watchlist
  • Price alerts
  • Setup default order settings per contract
  • Fractional quotes support
  • Twitter integration

 9) Legal Documents and Licenses

If you have any questions or need assistance contact us or send a message


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Peter Knight