Finals 9 March 2023

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S&P (ES) ES-5 ES-15 ES-30 ES-60 ES-D Opt S&R ES-W
Russell 2000 (QR) QR-5 QR-15 QR-30 QR-60 QR-D Opt S&R QR-W
NASDAQ (NQ) NQ-5 NQ-15 NQ-30 NQ-60 NQ-D Opt S&R NQ-W
Dow (YM) YM-5 YM-15 YM-30 YM-60 YM-D Opt S&R YM-W
Euro Stoxx 50 (FX) FX-5 FX-15 FX-30 FX-60 FX-D Opt S&R FX-W
FTSE (X) X-5 X-15 X-30 X-60 X-D Opt S&R X-W
Swiss Index SZ SZ-5 SZ-15 SZ-30 SZ-60 SZ-D Opt S&R SZ-W
Dax  (DY) DY-5 DY-15 DY-30 DY-60 DY-D Opt S&R DY-W
CAC 40 MX MX-5 MX-15 MX-30 MX-60 MX-D Opt S&R MX-W
Gold (GC) GC-5 GC-15 GC-30 GC-60 GC-D Opt S&R GC-W
Silver (SI) SI-5 SI-15 SI-30 SI-60 SI-D Opt S&R SI-W
Copper (HG) HG-5 HG-15 HG-30 HG-60 HG-D Opt S&R HG-W
Australian (A6) A6-5 A6-15 A6-30 A6-60 A6-D Opt S&R A6-W
Canadian (D6) D6-5 D6-15 D6-30 D6-60 D6-D Opt S&R D6-W
Swiss (S6) S6-5 S6-15 S6-30 S6-60 S6-D Opt S&R S6-W
Euro FX (E6) E6-5 E6-15 E6-30 E6-60 E6-D Opt S&R E6-W
B-Pound (B6) B6-5 B6-15 B6-30 B6-60 B6-D Opt S&R B6-W
Japanese Yen (J6) J6-5 J6-15 J6-30 J6-60 J6-D Opt S&R J6-W
 U.S. Dollar Index DX DX-5 DX-15 DX-30 DX-60 DX-D Opt S&R DX-W
3 Month (GE) GE-5 GE-15 GE-30 GE-60 GE-D Opt S&R GM-W
2 Year (ZT) ZT-5 ZT-15 ZT-30 ZT-60 ZT-D Opt S&R ZT-W
5 Year (ZF) ZF-5 ZF-15 ZF-30 ZF-60 ZF-D Opt S&R ZF-W
10 Year note (ZN) ZN-5 ZN-15 ZN-30 ZN-60 ZN-D Opt S&R ZT-W
Euro Bund (GG) GG-5 GG-15 GG-30 GG-60 GG-D Opt S&R GG-W
Crude Oil (CL) CL-5 CL-15 CL-30 CL-60 CL-D Opt S&R CL-W
Heating oil (HO) HO-5 HO-15 HO-30 HO-60 HO-D Opt S&R HO-W
Gasoline (RB) RB-5 RB-15 RB-30 RB-60 RB-D Opt S&R RB-W
Natural Gas (NG) NG-5 NG-15 NG-30 NG-60 NG-D Opt S&R NG-W
Bitcoin (BA) BA-5 BA-15 BA-30 BA-60 BA-D Opt S&R BA-W
Ether (TA) TA-5 TA-15 TA-30 TA-60 TA-D Opt S&R BA-W

What we do, my team researches Hedge Funds, CTAs, objective long/short trading programs and provides access to top the performers through the safest and most capable firms worldwide. All objective trading programs are fully automated through our platform on ChartVPS using CQG integrated client linked to multiple exchange members worldwide

How it works, decide on an allocation or, markets/periods you want to traded, we place, monitor, manage all trades 24 hours a day, markets, periods traded and contact size can be changed at any time.

Define your overall account risk, but it should be realistic, in 2023 with the benefit of hindsight, diversification and optimization a capable analyst with access to 6,200 hedge funds, CTA’s and trading programs could optimize performance and produce an allocation where there are no losing months over a 10 year period.

Our fee structure is based on 5.00% to 12.50% of net new high profits quarterly (depends on start balance).

    • 0.00% front load.
    • 0.00% management fee.
    • We pay all server, platform and add on fees.
    • Quarterly incentive fees are approved by the client prior to being deducted.
    • Allocations can be changed at any time.
    • Liquidity 2 to 48 hours in any major currency.
    • Minimums $12,500 to $500,000.

How balances are guaranteed plus or minus trading activity

Every firm we use segregates customer accounts, balances are guaranteed plus of minus trading activity the Financial Safeguard System the FSS has protected customer balances for over 100 years with zero defaults, unlike SPIC that protects balances up to 500,000 or FDIC up to 250,000 the FSS has no limit.

To open an account  please complete this form my team will match your criteria to a brokerage firm on this list that can accommodate the markets, programs you want to trade and your regulatory jurisdiction.

Educational videos and resources

10.01  Futures General Information
10.02  Options General Information
10.03  Stock Index Futures
10.04  Interest Rate Futures
10.05  Metals Futures
10.06  Energy Futures
10.07  Currency Futures
10.08  CME Learning Center
10.09  Futures Fundamentals
10.10  Education Material
10.11  Resource Center
10.12  Research Reports
10.13  Podcasts
10.14  Monthly FX Review
10.15  Media Room
10.16  Economic reports & data

If you’d like to learn more about Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs) contact me. My current date & time is October 1, 2023 3:11 pm I’m available from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Thursday, 7 am to 2 pm on Fridays, off hours text, Skype or on site message me  with a call back date and time (please use your local time zone).

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