EMA Spreadsheets

This Spreadsheet  (give the spreadsheet a name) will let you experiment with any combination of 22 markets  trading a fully disclosed trading methodology that has been profitable for more than 21 years.

This spreadsheet  lets you review the top 100,000 of the 16.7 million possible combinations of these 22 contract markets. This spreadsheet shows profit, drawdown, markets traded and  minimum investment ($15,000 USD $250,000 USD).

On this Spreadsheet  Each contract market traded has a linked spreadsheet that provides every trade, profit and loss and the daily historical data enabling you to objectively verify performance from 2000 to 2021

Example download and open this spreadsheet, enable editing, in this example I’m using 3/1/2000 .

clicking on the link will pull up the chart below with preprogrammed exponential moving averages, if the red line is or goes above the blue line this will be long, if red is or goes below the blue line short, that is the entire procedure.

Every individual market is linked on the allocation spreadsheet

Each market;s spreadsheet links pre-programmed charts charts for every month and day from 2000 through 2021 enabling verification form a third party (Barchart)

How to put this program to work for you

Pick your allocation using this spreadsheet

Enter the markets for your allocation  in this spreadsheet

Your performance summary for your allocation will show on the right

Monthly and annual performance lower left

Use the linked individual market spreadsheets if you’d like to verify every trade in your allocation.

This is an automated trading account, we place monitor all orders and are diligent all trades are taken with the disclosed methodology,

If you’d like to trade any allocation save the spreadsheet and email it us.

For larger accounts (250K+) pick the brokerage firm you’d like to use, for 15K to 250K accounts we need to use one already in place to enable us to accommodate these accounts using block orders.

Complete the brokerage firms LPA assigning my team limited trading authorization to place and monitor all trades.

Define your risk using this form

Our compensation is based on 10% of net new high profits quarterly, which are billed to and need to be approved by you prior to them be deducted from your account.

All accounts are segregate, with all firms, only monies that originate from an account of the same name as the trading account can be deposited and with all firms they’re only allowed to send funds back to an account match the name of the trading account.

Accounts can be funded in any major currency
Allocations & trading programs can be changed at anytime
Trading Authorization can be terminated at anytime
Account liquidity in portion or all is 2 to 48 hours in any major currency

Risk disclosure

If you have any questions contact me





Gold 100 EMA-20200301

Gold-50 EMA 20200301

Gold 10 EMA 20200301

Silver 5000 EMA 20200301

Silver 2500 EMA 20200301

Silver 1000 EMA 20200301

S&P EMA 20200301

S&P Micro EMA 20200301

NASDAQ EMA 20200301

NASDAQ Micro EMA 20200301

AUD 100K EMA 20200301

AUD 10K Micro 0200301

CAD 100K EMA 20200301

CHF 125K EMA 20200301

CHF 12.5K Micro EMA 20200301

EUR 125K EMA 20210301

EUR 62.5K Mini EMA 20200301

EUR 12.5K Micro EMA 20200301

GBP 62.5K EMA 20200301

JPY 12.5M EMA 20200301

JPY 62.5M Mini EMA-20200301

JPY 6.25M Micro EMA 20200301

All Possible Combination Micro Lifetime Reward Risk

All Possible Combination Micro Lifetime Profitability

Top 100,000 EMA’s sorted by reward risk

Top-100000-EMA allocations sorted by minimum account smallest to largest

Top 100,000 EMA sorted by lifetime drawdown smallest to largest

All Possible Combination Micro Lifetime Reward Risk

Copy of All-Possible-Combination-Micro-Lifetime-Profitability

All-Possible-Combinations-Micro Current Drawdown Smallest to largest




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