Watch 2

1) S&P

Long hedged at 3125 , daily and weekly both up

ESZ19 Daily
ESZ19 Weekly

ESZ opinion
E Mini CME Quotes
E Mini CME Options
E Mini BC Options
S&P Analysis Page

liquidate Micro

2) Gold 

Short hedged at 1475 daily is down weekly is still up turning to down.

GCG20 Daily
GCG20 Weekly
GCG20 Opinion
Gold Quotes
Gold BC options
CME Options
Gold Analysis Page

Liquidate Micro

3) Energy

WTI BC Options
CME Options

Brent CBJ20
Brent Futures

HOJ20 daily
Harbor Futures Quotes

RBJ20 daily
Gasoline Futures

NGJ 20 daily
Nat Gas Futures 


Long WTI CLF20  59.03 + – 1.00 paid 0.15 all in

Long 1 CBG20 short 1 CLG20  +5.16 , at 5.18 looking to increase, daily is up weekly is up, look to get out at 6.00 or better, stay long.

Long 1 RBF20 Short 1HOF20  in at -0.3082 at -0.3203 need it to 0.00, daily is up weekly is up, stay long.

Long 1 RBF20 Short 1 RBJ20 Long RBF20 1.6651 Short RBJ20 1.8253 in at -0.1602, at -0.1883 need it at 0.00, daily is has just turned down, weekly is up and clean, stay long.

Long 1 HOM20 Short 1 HOZ20 in at -0.0044, at  +0.0059 need it  +0.0100  daily is up weekly is up, stay long.

Long 1 HOM20 Short 1 HOJ20  Long HOM20  1.8909 short HOJ20 18909, in at -0.0192 looking for a move to 0.0000, daily is up,

Barchart quotes, all deliveries
Barchart options quotes
CME Euro Quotes
CME Fed Funds Quotes

Fed Funds
Barchart quotes, all deliveries
Fed Funds CME quotes
3 month Fed Funds chart, daily


Long 16 GEM20, short 19 GEH20, short 8 GEZ20, -1,079.62 at -1,081.10 (-3,697.50) need it at -1,075.00, daily is up, weekly is neutral to slightly down

Long 9 ZQJ20  Short 4  ZQH20 in at 493.1 at 492.595 (-2,104.33) need it at 495.00, daily is down, weekly is neutral to higher

Resting orders

GEM20-GEZ20  at -0.0750, 15 year low -0.01400 need it at 0.00, leave a resting price buying 4 GEM20 selling 4 GEZ20 at -0.1400. Daily is up, weekly is up 

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