SP Micro Trend Trade Performance August 2011 – November 2023

Recommended Starting Balance $12,500.00
Cumulative Net Profit
Maximum Drawdown (48.46%)
Risk Tolerance
Best Year 2017 +152.47% $19,058.95
Worst Year 2011 +12.61% $1,576.05
2007-2022 Annual Average +80.82% $10,102.96
2023 38.09%

Performance is based on trading one $12,500 unit, never adding units and withdrawing all profits annually. The SPM-NC program uses leverage and has a realistic risk factor of $10,000 USD per unit, if you are not in a position to comfortably assume this risk you should not participate in this program.

Risk Disclosure        Defining Overall Account Risk

This ATA adds to winning positions trading up 5 micro contracts per trading unit.

1)_What we’re trading

S&P Micro (MES), at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Each 1.00 change in price = $5.00
Contract value at 4,000 = $20,000.00

Micro Margin Requirement
= $1,232.00 USD

Charges on margin amount,
Pay 2.5% annually.on longs

Get paid 2.5% annually.on shorts

Restrictions on shorting = None
Trading hours = 23.5 hours per day, Sunday afternoon – Friday afternoon

Analysis Page

CME Index Futures volume exceeds 800 billion USD per day. This program always trades with the trend, long or short and adds to winning positions.

2) Basics of trading procedure

Long trades
2.01) If price action is above the red line. red above blue = long.

2.02) Risk, if red moves below blue exit the long trade.

Short trades
2.03) If price action is below the red line, red below blue = short.
2.04) Risk on short positions, if red moves above blue exit the short trade

2.06) S&P chart to track this procedure forward
2.06) Trading this procedure for 39 years using weekly bars

3) Analysis and Educational

3.01) Global Stock Index Analysis Homepage
3.02) Stock Index Educational Videos & Resources

4) Program Structure and Account Opening Procedure

4.01) Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs) What They Are How They Work
4.02) The Fee Structure For This Program
4.03) Defining Overall Risk For Your ATA Account
How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
4.05) Exchanges Traded
Brokerage Firms
How To Open An Account

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