S&P Micro No Collars (Trades CFDs or MES Futures)

S&P Micro – No Collar August 2011 – July 2019

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Recommended Starting Balance $12,500.00
Cumulative Net Profit
Maximum Drawdown (-53.31%)
Best Year 2017 +152.47% $19,058.95
Worst Year 2011 +12.61% $1,576.05
2007-2019 Average +92.23% $11,528.84
2019 +59.83%

Performance is based on trading one $12,500 unit, never adding units and withdrawing all net profits annually. This program uses leverage, has a realistic risk factor of $ 8,500 USD per unit, if you are not in a position to comfortably assume this risk you should not participate in this program.

Risk Disclosure Defining Overall Account Risk

Send a message with a date, time and contact details and I’ll review this program with you enabling you to duplicate trades and verify performance

What we’re trading

S&P Micro (MES) 1.00 change in price = $5.00
Contract value at 3,000.00 = $15,000.00
Total bid ask spreads and all fees per trade = $12.00 or less
Micro Margin Requirement = $630 USD
Margin cost = pay 0.75% annually on longs, get paid 0.75% on shorts
Restrictions on shorting = None
Trading hours = 23.5 hours per day, Sunday afternoon – Friday afternoon
Daily USD volume = 2.9 billion

Or we can trade S&P CFDs each 1.00 = $10.00
S&P CFD Margin = $1,250 USD

Analysis and Educational

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Global Stock Index Analysis Homepage
Stock Index Educational Videos & Resources

Program Structure and Account Opening Procedure

Automated Trading Accounts (ATA)
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How To Open An Account

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