Creating Your Own ATA Portfolio

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1) Download & open this spreadsheet

2) Enable editing

3) Cells B3-B-17 provide links to life of program performance and full disclosure of trading methodology.

4) C3 – C17 enter any number of units traded per ATA

5) This chart shows each individual program’s net contribution and overall performance

6) C19 -C29 combined net performance summary 

7)  This bar chart shows monthly net performance

8) Combined monthly and annual net performance

9) Monthly and annual net performance for each individual program.

10) About ATA’s (Automated Trading Accounts)

Automated Trading Accounts (ATAs) What They Are & How They Work
The ATA Fee Structure 
Defining Overall Risk For Your ATA Account 
Exchanges Traded 
Brokerage Firms 
How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading Activity 

11) Account minimums USD or major currency equivalent

Futures & Forex ATAs, $7,500 to $250,000 (open to all investors)
Stocks & ETF ATAs, $100,000 to $2,500,000 (open to all investors)
CTA & Hedge Funds $250,000 to $10,000,000 (Must be a QEP)

How To Open An Account

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