GE-F, trades the Global Energy Markets with the trend using outrights, collars & spreads

Global Energy ATA Performance July 2014 – December 2019

Recommended Starting Balance $50,000.00
Cumulative Net Profit
Maximum Drawdown (31.27%)
Best Year 2019 +165.01% $82,504.67
Worst Year 2012 +39.94% $19,967.90
2007-2019 Average +102.48% $51,239.79
2019 +155.62% $77,808.13

Energy Analysis Page

This program trades long & short with the trend using collars and/or spreads. Trading methodology is fully disclosed enabling you to verify past performance and track trades forward. Performance is calculated on trading one $50,000 unit, never adding units and withdrawing all net profits annually. The program has a realistic risk factor of $25,000 USD per unit if you are not in a position to comfortably assume this risk you should not participate in this program.

Risk Disclosure     Defining Account Risk

1) Energy Analysis and disclosure of trading methodology

2) Educational

General Information on Future and Futures Options

2.1) Futures Educational Videos (60)
2.2) Futures Options Educational Videos (34)

3) Energy Futures & Options Videos

3.1) Fundamentals and Energy Futures
3.2) Discover WTI: A Global Benchmark
Understanding Crude Oil in the United States
3.4) Introduction to European Crude Oil
Learn about Crude Oil Across Asia Region
3.6) Crude Oil Futures versus ETFs
3.7) The Benefits of Liquidity
Understanding the Oil Data Report
3.9) A Look into the Refining Process
Learn about the 1:1 Crack Spread
3.11) The Importance of Cushing, Oklahoma
U.S. Resurgence in Global Crude Oil Production
3.13)Managing Risk in the Energy Market
Trading Insight for Options on Crude Oil and Natural Gas
3.15)Revisiting the WTI-Brent Crude Oil Spread
3.16) Introduction to Natural Gas
3.17) Understanding Supply and Demand: Natural Gas
3.18) Introduction to Natural Gas Seasonality
3.19) Understanding Natural Gas Risk Management Spreads
3.20) Understanding the Henry Hub
3.21) Natural Gas Calendar Spread Options
3.22) About Heating Oil Futures

4) Energy Futures & Options Reports

4.1) Worldwide Oil – WTI / Brent Spread
4.2) Refining 101 – Understanding Crack Spreads
4.3) Natural Gas in a Producing Revolution
4.4) Crude Oil and Its Refined Products
4.5) Oil: How the Market Dynamics Have Changed
4.6) Trading the Curve in Energies
4.7) U.S. the Largest Crude Oil Producer
4.8) Surging U.S. Domestic Crude Grades Market
4.9) Are Crude Oil & Natural Gas Prices Linked?
4.10) WTI and the Changing Dynamics of Global Crude
4.11) Oil Traders Sell on the Rumor and Buy on the News
4.12) Veg Oil vs. Crude Oil: Tail Wagging the Dog?
4.13) Is Crude Oil Taking Cue from Vegetable Oils?
4.13) Natural Gas in a Producing Revolution

5) Program Structure and Account Opening Procedure

5.1) ATA’s, What They Are and How They Work
5.2) The Fee Structure For This Program
5.3) Defining Overall Risk For Your Account

5.4) Exchanges Traded
5.5) Brokerage Firms
5.6) How Balances Are Guaranteed Plus or Minus Trading
How To Open An Account

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