On the application, it stated that you should provide me with the following.  The only things I haven’t seen on your site are bolded below.

– a disclosure document that, at the minimum, provides: the Agent’s biography, outlines the investment methodology (one of your videos said this is available in 1.1 – 1.6  Disclosure of methodology.

I believe you’ll find my disclosure provides far more than most. If you have any questions I’ll provide answers and supporting links for additional information and/or verification.

Example Gold linked here, the introduction will guide you through what information you’ll find on the gold program, how it’s set up, traded and performance from 2005 through 2018, others are set up the same way.

Section one (below the performance record) fully discloses trading methodology and shows you how to use the links to verify past performance and/or monitor trades forward.  I believe this is a far more credible way to qualify performance than look at a select group of profitable accounts.

1) Review links

1.1) 20 Year chart using monthly data
1.2) 10 Year Chart, monthly Data
1.3) 3 Year chart, weekly data
1.4) 6 month chart, daily data
1.5) 10 day chart 60 minute data
1.6) Today’s using 5 minute data
1.7) Today’s Technical Opinion
1.8) Ranges & Price Performance
1.9) Support & Resistance
1.10) Barchart Quotes, All Deliveries
1.11) Barchart Options Quotes
1.12) CME Futures Quotes, All Deliveries
1.13) CME Option Quotes

1.14) Contract Specifications each 1.00 = $100.00
1.15) Exchange Margin Requirement
1.16) Metals Analysis Page

1.17) Gold Collar Spreadsheet

This procedure will let you quickly qualify the concept and enable you to track trades forward. 

Start with qualifying the trend using this EMA9, if price action is above the EMA9 (red line) = an uptrend, below = a downtrend.

In this example is the weekly price action above or below the EMA9 (red line)

Next confirm the trend using the overall average of these 13 indicators. If they agree with the EMA9 defined trend trading is permitted, if not stand aside.

How this programs defines risk on every trade and for the duration of every trading period is by collaring all positions, example using a short position. 

Buy the $1,210 call to define risk using the premium collected from the sale of the $1,190 put at the profit objective

Short gold futures at $1,200

Write the put at 1,190 (at the profit objective) collecting time premium

– Ask the Agent to provide you with references from existing clients  (I can’t find any reviews from your clients online.  Have I missed these on your website?)

I work mostly with QEP’s, Offshore Corporations, Trusts and Foundations and live in Tortola (a tax haven) my clients wouldn’t be my clients if I disclosed anything about them. Unethical managers could also provide fictious references/reviews and there is no way to verify the creditability of what the “reference” or review is representing. I would also run the risk of giving client information to a competitor posing as a potential client. I spend a lot of time qualifying my potential clients and building a strong foundation with them before the account is funded, if the disclosure of what I provide won’t suffice I believe is wasn’t meant to be.

– Have your attorney or accountant verify the accuracy of any performance record provided to you by the Agent, and review any contractual agreement to be executed by and between you and the Agent.  *** Please send me a list of actual trades of your Gold and S&P programs over the past few months.

I do not take selected accounts that perform well and use them to solicit business, any broker could come up with a group of accounts that were profitable which would be a misrepresentation of performance. For a breif video on risk see this link.  

Composites are also misleading if you have a $1,000,000 account trading a consistent 10 lot in the S&P and a $250,000 dollar account trading a consistent 10 lot (same allocation) the average is useless.

The majority of my clients want to know how a trading program works, watch it work, then open a trial account with a small amount 25K, let me earn their confidence and trust in order to qualify for a larger portion of their business based on their own actual results.

I saw a page that showed you cannot accept US clients.  Will there be a problem using a US broker.  ???

No, you would sign a W-8 Ben negating my obligation to be subjected to IRS taxation (as your notbased in the US), but the option of working with any broker on this list depends on the start balance and client qualifying suitability. For test accounts I group them through several firms and do block orders, call me and I’ll explain your options, qualifying criteria and provide links for additional information and/or verification.

I do not take US customers because I live in Tortola British Virgin Islands. In the BVI we have zero income, corporate, inheritance, sales tax, property tax is 1.5%. If I take US clients I would be subjected to US taxation and audits on all my personal and corporate income.

At the bottom of my contact page I have provided links and videos about the British Virgin Islands, taxation, Real Estate pricing and the Islands. As I can work online from anyplace in the world I can see no benefit in forfeiting up to 8 months of my life each year and 40% of my children’s inheritance to any government.

If IIlan wants to call me and give me a good grilling I’d enjoy it.

These links might answer more questions

1) Detailed Stock Index Analysis & Trends 
2) S&P performance 2007-2018
3) S&P disclosure of trading methodology
4) Metals Analysis & Trends
5) Gold performance 2005-2018
6) Gold disclosure of trading methodology
7) Currency Analysis & Trends
8) Currency performance 2007-2018
9) Currency disclosure of trading methodology
10) Trading US interest rates higher with links to monitor my positions
11) Exchanges I Trade
12) Brokerage
13) What an ATA is and how they work
14) Fee Structure
15) How Balances Are Protected 
16) How To Define Overall Risk On Your Account
17) Open An Account

Because you are in Canada there are limitations on who can accommodate a 25K account.

TradeView would be the best choice 


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